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Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Teacher's Saturday

Let me tell you teacher's kids get the shaft!!   After listening to kids' squeals, delights, antics, complaints in my classroom,  when we get home I need 20 minutes to collect my thoughts, inhale, and embrace some quiet.  That is not to be.  Austin, in all his cuteness, after listening and following directions at school for 6 hours, is over-flowing with useless information from the day, the day before, and a few weeks earlier.  "Mom, did you know that on House of Anubis, Ana is scared to go into the attic?"  "Mom, did you know that Lance has 4 Bay Blades and I don't have any?"  and so it continues straight for the next four hours.  No pause. No mute.  No filter.   A continuous stream of questions, antics, and thoughts.  

I get a big, fat NOTHING from Addy, and a lot of "asstractions" in completing her homework.  Hence, the reason we've worked on this all day and we are still not finished with her writing project from Tuesday.  No worries, it's due Monday!!
So, I've spent my Saturday as a Slavemaster, begging, pleading, bribing, to get her assignment complete. 
Yes, my table had all these fabulatizing utensils scattered about all day except for when this miraculously appeared!!!

 I'm getting my fill before I leave.  No Mexican Food where I'm going:(

Andy, in all his scamming of deals, found these recordable postcards.  Yet, another teacher task I worked on today.  Both kids recorded a message for Sarah, and we'll glue their picture to the back.  Cute idea!
So, goes my Saturday.  If only I could twitch my nose, like Samanth from Bewiched, and The Magic Packing Fairy would appear.  I so believe there is one.  She's got a few days left if she wants to appear!

Happy Weekend!


  1. love the postcard idea!! We have been on spring break and it is SO nice not doing homework every night! don't worry about packing, that fairy will show up at the last minute :)

  2. Joel and I had to get our Mexican kick in before we went too long without it! Oh, and grab a burger, too, before you go :-)

  3. love the postcards! So excited for you!!

  4. Oh Shelly - I am so thrilled for you and your family! Regarding shoes, I'd say err on the side of too small. Leanne is 33 years old and wears a childrens size 3 or 4 shoe! You guys are all in my prayers!