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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy Weekend

After resigning myself to the extended time over here, I spent Friday afternoon with a Coca Light, a pint of chocolate chip ice cream, and the BBC channel broadcasting the entire Royal Wedding production start to finish.  I loved the stylish (and not so stylish, did you check out Princess Beatrice's number?) hats and since next weekend is the Kentucky Derby, perhaps more fabulous hats will appear.  I spent some time on Ebay during the breaks, so Grandma Archer...some packages will be arriving in our mail!

According to Andy, my glass is half-full utopia I live in is not all that realistic sometimes!!  Hence the reason he's not all that surprised with the extended delay of court.  And since I pack how I feel at the moment(cold in Ohio), I neglected to pack for warmer weather.  Seriously, how do you pack for 5-6 weeks?  The City By The Sea is pushing 70 this week, so he took me shopping this afternoon to buy some clothes.  Three hours later, plenty of bags and some NEW SHOES, and  the sun is shining brightly!

She's shaking her finger, "No more monkeys jumping on the bed!"

 We had to capture this image.  The lawn mower at the orphanage.  Electric!

 She hasn't figured out that lotion is not for eating.

The caretakers are so kind to us(even the one who intimidated us at first) that when we walk in they smile, say hello, and motion where she is.  Even the other kids yell for her once they see us, grab her hand, and bring her to us. 

Once court takes place, I'll be able to share our plans for home.  They given us some scenarios, but nothing is for sure.  Once the court decree takes effect, her birth certificate and passport paperwork needs to begin.  And once again, it begins here, travels to the capital, processed, and sent back here before we can leave the City by the Sea with her.  And since there is no Fed Ex, the paperwork is transported by train(10 hours each way). 

So we wait patiently...

Happy Weekend!!


  1. Oh Shelly - I'm bursting with excited anticipation for you guys. Sarah is absolutely precious! I love how she lights up when you show her the photos of her brother and sister!

  2. She is SOOO incredibly beautiful and precious and dear! PRAYERS for a quick and smooth ride from here on out!

  3. Hang in there dear Friend! Patience is a virtue!

  4. You have such an awesome perspective and new shoes to boot! :) I used to mow a lady's yard when I was in high school with an electric mower so that picture brought back memories. You're right about the weather and packing. We had NO IDEA that we'd experience the heat wave of the century when we were over there and I only had one pair of shorts. ugh.

    Sarah looks as cute as always in her pictures! She is an amazing little girl!