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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kindness All Around Us

 “Kindness is more than deeds. It is an attitude, an expression, a look, a touch. 
It is anything that lifts another person.”
Thankful this appeared on the counter this morning, and my husband hijacked my blog.
He's Amazing:)
Our Sarah is loved by many where she lives. 
A special caretaker adores her.  On separate occasions, she has given her crackers to put in her pocket when we go outside to play.  Kissing her, holding her, and motioning us to put Sarah in her room, even though she's in another groupa.  Sarah lights up when she is working.  I'm going to try to get her picture soon.
 Sarah is always clean and in clean clothes when we get her.  She may not be in the latest fashion, but there is a diamond in the rough waiting to shine her light and love for everyone in her path.
 The orphanage director is a classy, lady doing her job, marvelously.  She always waves, and speaks in her limited English in passing.  Today, she said,"Dog, child,  a family."
And then she was on her merry way.  She sees...
There were many cars in the drive when we arrived this morning.  Up the stairs we could hear music, coming from her room.  A singing and dancing troupe was performing for the groupas, and there were film crews, along with dignitaries.  Andy and I stayed in the locker area corner, out of the way.  Sarah's teacher and another caretaker motioned for me to come over and watch, even though I would block their viewpoint.  It was lovely, and then the kids were given bananas as a treat.  Once  everyone began dispersing, her teacher motioned for me to go into the groupa room and sit by Sarah.  Another lady was holding the banana for Sarah, but her teacher told her I was Sarah's mama and gave me the banana to hold.
I was able to look around in the room, while she ate.  This orphanage is very blessed and I am thankful Sarah was placed here.
(We may be on the local news, as they were filming outside when we were reading at the table:)
Artwork displayed outside.

When Sarah went to wash her hands, another little girl said, "Sarah, go to your mama," and held her hand until she reached me.
Today, I heard her giggle for the first time.  She was in the swing, and she learned to giggle.
What a sweet sound:)
 Every day, I see kindness before my very eyes and I celebrate.  Inhaling the goodness around me.

1. What are you using to upload your videos and video camera do you use?

First, our location has a superb internet connection.  Uploading pictures and video does not take long at all.  We have a small flip camera that we carry in our bags always.  It's very simple to shoot and download the clips.

Second, Andy and I are two different mindsets.  I prefer simple and easy, but looks nice.  I use Picasa to edit and upload my photos to web albums, and OneTrueMedia for video-making.  Both are free and online. 

Andy, however, prefers a more complicated route to tax his engineer mindset.  He uses Windows Movie Maker, and then converts the file format on the audiotrack.  Believe me, he was up until 2am, because of its complication.  But, it was fantastic.

Stick with One True Media, if you want simple.

2.  What was the song he used?

Brandon Heath,  Love Never Fails. 

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.


  1. thanks for the answers! That last picture of her is my favorite!!!!

  2. Hi Shelley and Andy. I just got caught up on your blog and wanted to tell you the pictures are stunning and the video made me cry. I know that McD's coffee made your morning! Believe it or not, I went the entire 21days without coffee!!! I'm too much of a Starbucks Snob to settle for anything less. :( Anyway, I know you will find some unique way to celebrate Our Risen Saviour even in another country!

    Happy Easter!

  3. so beautiful!! I hope you hear good news soon!
    Happy Easter!!

  4. Her first giggle--now that is a good day!