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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


As every morning, we arrive at the orphanage are buzzed in and head directly to her room.  We knock multiple times until someone comes to the door.  Today, we waited for 10 minutes until another worker asked to get in.

They know us now and motioned she was "out."  So, we went to another building and she wasn't there.

Her groupa was at... 
the ZOO!!  
They wouldn't be back until 12.  While disappointing for us since we couldn't come back this afternoon...

how wonderful for her and the other kids to have field trips to a ZOO.  So, we called our translator to call a taxi to drive us back to the apartment.
Interview and Court
In one of my spur of the moment ideas before we left, I created a photobook online of our family and added the only picture I had of Sarah.  I fabulatized it, added creative touches, and sent it off to be published.  Our lawyer and translator thought it was beautiful, wonderful, and a great idea.  They loved it.  However, we cannot use it in court or the interview because I included her picture in it.  There may be questions of how I obtained the picture and cause concern.  Andy's going to work this afternoon to put pictures of only our family on his phone for them to see.  I have a few hard copy photos, but not enough to show the love our family has.

For those coming behind us to the City by the Sea, create a family photo album for the courts and administration to see your family.  But, leave out pictures of the child you are going to adopt.  Or create two separate albums.
 What's Mama have in my bag?

 I've been working with her on learning parts of her body and pointing to them.  Pudge and Zippy's wonderful mother sent me photo cards with words on them.  I laminated and hole-punched them, and we're using them to teach her words and signs that go with them. 

The world is our classroom.

You learn something every day if you pay attention.  
Ray LeBlond


  1. This is one of my favorite posts so far! I love that Sarah is a little sponge and that you are the quintessential teacher--you're a perfect match for one another and it makes me so happy!

    Seeing your wonderful pictures makes me really wish we'd brought a good camera...ours was too big and heavy, so we had a pocket point-and-shoot. At least we have photos, but you only meet your child for the first time once :).

    I'm adding two notes to my document of tips.

    (1) Bring the best camera you can, and a way to video tape.

    (2) The photo books--this goes for the whole country you are in, not just your region! If the profile picture is included in any album, it should be removable. A photo book should be with you at all times with only pictures of your family, your home and anything else from home that you might want to show (where you vacation, your car, your child's new room, school, whatever...). We should both post on the Yahoo forum about this. I will fill in some of the rationale I've heard about it.

  2. love all these pictures! she looks like she is just soaking it all up! I just added flashcards to my packing list! And thanks for the heads up on the photo albums...I already made a little one of our immediate family, with her picture in it, for her and I was just starting one for the extended family so I will make sure to leave her picture out....thanks for the advice!

  3. Can you tear out the page with her picture in it? I know it would probably destroy the book but you can reorder it again when you get home and they can still see your wonderful family book... Just a thought.

  4. I did tear out the last page of the book and it worked fine out fine. The book stayed in tact, and the administration did ask us questions about the pictures. Problem solved:)