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Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Final Chapter Begins

It's late in the evening and I should be packing, but I'm not.  Instead, my overwhelmed heart is bursting with gratitude, joy, love, peace, and faith.  I need to write, to compose words, and to provide a release for my tears.   Happy and joyous tears that are abundant from living in the moment today. 

My little girl, whom I've never met, was celebrated by my friends.  For who she is.  A little sprite, with chestnut hair and piercing, brown eyes.

 In late August, my closest friends were brought into my circle when I shared my adoption plans with them.  Their encouragement was needed, their friendship valued, and I knew they'd surround me at my time of need.  As the year progressed and each step completed, more began learning of our plans and joined along for the journey.  Asking how we're doing, lifting me up from the discouragement, and walking along beside me.  Celebrating the miracles.

This morning, I walked into a room that celebrated my girl, and my family.  I was unprepared for the outpouring of love shining in the room and I cried.  Tears of joy for my little girl, who was abandoned  and alone because of her diagnosis.  Words didn't come easily, amongst the tears.  But, I am grateful.  And forever blessed.

Her first stuffed animals, her comfort lovey, her backpack, books...all her own.  Cards written to her so that she knows she's loved.  Her very first of everything, all her own.  Sweet, Sarah is loved.

Our leap of faith is beginning the final chapter of Sarah's adoption.  We are ready to meet our little girl, born in our hearts.

The song we choose as our life is very important.  Perhaps even more important is the journey we take in our finding our song.  

Thanks for the quote Jenni, my glass is half-full, living in the moment, celebrating everything gal.

It was a beautiful day, and my song is singing loudly with love.


  1. I will be thinking of you guys!!! Safe travels and I cant wait to see photos!!!

  2. My heart is so touched by the journey you are taking. Sarah is a very lucky girl to find such love and promise with her new family.

  3. Hi Friend!

    You are in my thoughts this morning! I hope that you are at your destination! Please keep in touch! All my love, L.

  4. What a nice surprise! You have wonderful friends...especially because they like Starbucks. hahahaha

    Can't wait for that first post from you know where!