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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Walking through the gate this morning, a bright yellow bus with 17 kids and 4 adults was waiting to be let through.  Two caretakers got off and between our limited russian and their english, they asked us if we want to go to  the park with them.  Uh, YES, PLEASE.  Tuesdays for her groupa are FIELD TRIP days.  Imagine...

And so we loaded onto the bus, they moved Sarah to our seat, and off we went.  To...the park. And not any park, the 411 Battery Memorial Park, complete with military equipment and vessels.    They didn't seem bothered that Andy shot lots of pictures and video, and this afternoon he made a DVD of the trip to give to the orphanage.

Unbelievable, awestruck, indescribable...this adoption trip has been surreal.  We recognize our experience is atypical.  Instead of the Groundhog Day metaphor, we've chosen a morphed Bourne Identity meets Kindergarten Cop movie genre to describe our adventure.

We understand not every group in this orphanage is afforded these same experiences.  But, we are daily filled with gratitude and give thanks that someone saw Sarah's perseverance, her determination, and her desire to learn everything she can.  Someone thought she deserves a chance, and she is living every day with gusto.

Instructions for Living a Life: 
1.  Pay Attention
2.  Be Astonished
3.  Tell About It
Mary Oliver


  1. that is amazing!!! how great that her orphanage and her groupa are able to do these things!! LOVE it!

  2. Wow! What a wonderful orphanage and experience! We did feel the Ground Hog Day experience some, but thoroughly enjoyed our time there. I can't say I was every bored!

  3. Oh my goodness I love the slide pic.... too cute! Awwww so happy for your guys.

  4. Shelly, I am in tears yet again with your blog! Sarah is a beautiful gift and it's so evident that God knew exactly what he was doing when he lead you to eachother.. I am so thankful for those of you who walk before us on this journey. My husband and I (and our 5 kiddos)are just beginning the process of bringing a lost Angel home to be ours forever and your elegance and grace is inspiring!! Thank you for all you are doing for Sarah and for us parents who are nervously going forward on our own adoption journeys!

  5. I just showed my husband and the boys the pictures from this post. They couldn't believe it. Nadia's orphanage had a few rusty playground structures and a sandbox with no sand in it. I love that you guys are enjoying your trip and I'm in awe of how God is taking care of you and Sarah!

  6. that sounds like such an amazing time!! you are all so lucky!!