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Monday, April 18, 2011

A Father's Love

Another post was planned.  But sometimes, plans alter, change, and you gotta go with it.  My friend Jenni and I use this saying at school. "When the spirit moves you, move with it to get the best out of your class!"  So when something absolutely remarkable, indescribable, and uncontainable happens, I need to spew out the happiness, goodness, and blessings appearing across the ocean with our little girl.

 Children in orphanages rarely see a male figure.  The one man we have seen inside the halls does not illicit a positive response when he appears.  So, Sarah was very apprehensive and leery with Andy at first.  Our best times have been in the little locker room area.  She allows him to undress her outside clothes, play cards with him, read to her, and play.  Outside, she will only let him swing, catch her down the slide, and read.  She REFUSES to let him hold her hand or pick her up.

Today, she felt his love for her.  He took her to the dog, and showed her how to pet gently.  They played High Five, and she let him hold her without squirming and trying to get down.  She knows...
The Best Belated Birthday Gift For Him
This morning our translator told us our paperwork was going smoothly, but still no court date.  This afternoon, she told us we have an interview tomorrow at 5 with the adoption administration.  This is another unique adoption requirement in our region.  We've been told this is not a big deal, but a little uneasy to those who've not been through the process.  I do not know what happens next, but am hoping to get a little more information from our translator tomorrow.  Your prayers would be appreciated!

Sarah's had a little stomach issue these last few days.  Andy thinks it could be all the excitement, which could very well be.  She could definitely use your prayers, also.

My friend, Lisa, is "traveling" with us.  Her family adopted Alina this very month, a year ago and have been our adoption mentors.   This week, she's reliving their trip by writing about it on her blog.
Living In The  Light


  1. Lisa is so fabulous!!! She has been our adoption mentor as well...although you have the upper hand because you get to see her and live near her! Jealous of that! What a cutie Sarah is! We will keep praying for you!

  2. Hi, Shelley,
    I heard about your story through my Pinney friends and have just caught up on your blog. Wow- what a journey! I'm so excited for you and your family. Sarah seems wonderful and such a blessing! I will forward you the information from an adoptive moms support group I've attended. I've only been to one meeting, but it was terrific and such a support for all types of adoptions. I will pray for Sarah and your family! Take care! Allison Coho

  3. Oh My - This is a beautiful post!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!

  4. I'll pray for your meeting! We didn't have that interview, but I know other families have. I don't think it's an interrogation at all, but they just want to get to know you a bit. They're probably going to ask you about all the children with Down syndrome being adopted there! Also, you will probably just get a day's notice for court so it really could be very soon!!