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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Accessories, Accessories, Accessories

In Sarah's culture, you'll see children wearing hats when they go outside.  In all seasons.  I neglected to get one before we left home, but found a beautiful hand knit beanie that I can attach cute flowers and bows.  Adorable.  So excited was I to try it on her Monday morning, but Miss Independent prefers her current attire over mine. 


I didn't bring shoes along for Sarah, too difficult to guesstimate her size.  We've been looking for a kids store to pick up a pair of shoes for her. (Andy used non-standard units of measurement to measure her foot.  Gotta use the math standards I've been teaching.)  Friday night after much frustration, we hit jackpot. 

A huge "Baby/KidsRus" store.  I smell shoes!!  Up and down, around corners, and there they were multiple shoes in all shapes and sizes.  Smiling from ear to ear, I scavenged the mother load until I found her size.  Ta Dah...a nice hot pick number that would give her support until we got home.  "Uh, Shelly, these are $100!"  Those shoes flung out of my hands like a hot potato.  Every pair we looked at were more than a week's worth of groceries back home.  I don't think so.  (We even saw $1000 strollers.)

Knowing my distress, my wonderful husband searched online for some other affordable shopping venues.  Sunday, we walked through parks, along streets, until we came to THE MARKET, combination flea market, grocery, garage sale, and craft venue.  Once again, I knew this would be it.  After an hour, we found ONE pair of shoes in her size and our wallet.  The deed is done and all's well in my world.

Walking back, we saw another big store that looked interesting, a thrift store.  Up on the 3rd floor we found a table of shoes.  My darling husband scored a pair of Birkenstocks and another pair of tennis shoes for her, all for the price of the first pair.  Now, my little girl will be stylin' all the way home.
Let the modeling begin...

No pictures of her in her shoes.  She chose to put her other shoes back on once I checked the size.

Shoes are fascinating here.  Before we came, I'd read stories about the shoe sensation here. 
But they are more than that.  Very unique.

I never seem to have my camera out when the most captivating and extraordinary shoes pass me by.
I could definitely use the higher elevation being vertically challenged.  However, falling on my face every meter does more to draw attention to myself than blending in with the locals!
Andy tried out the remote on my camera this afternoon and we have our first photos of all three of us.

Poor Brown Bear.  He may need some super glue to make it through the end of our trip!!


  1. Your post took my breath away! I love love love the photo of the three of you...and of course, I love love love the PINK Sarah Jane shoes and while I am ridin' this love train, your video clips are LOVELY! Thanks for sharing your journey with us! Missing you daily...L.

  2. Ah, yes the shoes there! I scored a pair of shoes for Darya at the big kids r us style store on clearance for about $10. Nice scores for Sarah! But seriously, I hate to pay more than $20 for shoes for myself and couldn't believe how much they are there for kids! We had fun taking pictures of the women's shoes there. Very fascinating! And how they walk on the cobblestone streets in those baffles me.