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Monday, August 30, 2010

Our little princess

Jessie (23)

Our children are anxiously awaiting her arrival.  Andy printed off pictures and we have them all over the house.  Over the weekend, the kids were sharing the news with their friends, and their parents were emailing us to see if it was true!!  Once the news has spread, we received an outpouring of emotion and excitement to welcome her home.

At school, my class begins the day with a Morning Meeting.  It's a time for us to pass a rock and share anything with the class.  This morning, we were sharing about our weekend when Lauren (student) shared how she went to a friend's house and played with her sister who has Down Syndrome.  Her share sparked a discussion of what Down Syndrome is and then other students shared that they knew other friends with Down Syndrome.  What an AHA moment for me!!!

Andy and I are working as diligently as possible on our home study.  Our physicals are all scheduled, autobiographical statements written, references requests sent out, fingerprints done, my education credits accomplished, verification of employments received or pending, marriage certificates sent, and the heritage plan needs to be written up.  Our social worker's visits scheduled.  All this in the first two weeks of school..:)  It's been busy!!! I'd teach all day, play/read/walk with our kids, and as soon as they were in bed, we'd be working until 11 or later on the home study.  We have a few more things to accomplish, then we have done everything in our control.  Soon Andy will be finished with our basement remodel, and then it will be time to start on her room:)

Thank you for all your prayers, support, and well wishes.  She is AMAZING!!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010


We will soon be a family of FIVE...  No, I am not pregnant... However, we are adopting a beautiful princess from Eastern Europe and our prayer is to bring her home in the spring.  She is 2, and has brown hair and brown eyes.  Her birthday is in October, the same date as another special friend I will write about.  It's an amazing story how we have come to this place , but she is PERFECT, she is BEAUTIFUL, she is LOVELY, and she will soon have her forever family in the Archer HOME!!! Oh...she is chromosomally enhanced (I borrowed this from another blogger friend!!!:)in her genetic makeup. She has Down Syndrome and we are beyond excited  to finally call her our own:)

We are in the midst of our home study, reading about her culture and Down Syndrome, and moving forward in the paperwork pilgrimage.   A wonderful friend is holding our hand and guiding us throughout the process, along with other bloggers who have paved the path for us.
We are waiting on more information about her before making a decision on her name.  We began this blog as a way to share the Big and Small moments of our children with our family and will continue, but we are also going to celebrate a new life!!!  We can not wait to bring her home.

This morning, we had a family meeting over doughnuts.  Andy asked Austin and Addy if they wanted to become a big sister and a big brother.  Addyson said, "Well,  yes and no."  Both of us were surprised at her answer, so we prodded a little more.  She said, "Yes to becoming a big sister.  No, because it might be a BOY!!"  Andy and I could not control our laughter.  We explained that we would be bringing a toddler girl into our home, and she was so relieved.  Austin, on the other hand, asked after the little girl came home, could we go back and get a boy??!!!  Out of the mouth of babes:)  Our children are already thinking of how to make a difference in her life by helping her learn new things and are trying out different names for our little princess.

I will be posting a picture soon and we hope to have decided on her name.  Please visit the blogs on the left as they have shared their stories and were instrumental in leading us on the path. It's a complete leap of faith we know, but....
To Whom Much is Given, Much is Expected.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

****News Flash****

The basement guys hope to be finished Wednesday and Andy hopes to begin working in it on Thursday!  What began as a projected 30 day project, morphed into 120:-(  The main drywall, trim, bathroom, and walls primed are finally completed.  Andy will be painting the basement and adding his "fixings!" Anyone who knows him, know that nothing meets to his expectations!  He's priced a paint sprayer and will be painting the steps as well.

I, on the other hand, have been scoping out the IKEA website for storage units and ideas.  I want the kids to be able to have their own space without cars, polly pockets, and art supplies strewn throughout the main floor.  Once it's painted, we'll be taking a fun weekend to Cincy to scope out and purchase fixings!  He has told me that he has "plans" for the basement too...Ha Ha!  We're excited to have a new space in our house!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Like Father, Like Son

"Really, Mama.  I'm not tired!!"
The camping trip was a huge success, and everyone took a nap, except Addy.  She will not give up the fight.  She's too nosy, but at least she played quietly in her room while the rest of us slept!
"Truck unloaded, tent airing out in the back yard, now I need a nap!!!"

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Some Fun Pics!!!

Addy and Avery playing dress up and they both lost their 2 front teeth!
Austin and Ethan playing air hockey at McD's!

Nothing like playing Old Maid with Grandma!! I did hear that Addy and Austin need to work on their poker face:)

As a summer surprise, I called Addy's two best friends (Jordyn and Avery) to go see Marmaduke with us.  Austin's thrilled to tag along and play with his tag!!

Checking out what goodies are in their snack bags!!! Um, you forgot the popcorn:)
Peeking in to see the treasures!!!

We are trying to make the most of our last week of summer, and preparing for the crazy first two months of school!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Back To School Campout

Last year, Andy began a tradition with the kids that he would take them on a campout before school begins.  I normally begin a few days before them, so it's a perfect opportunity.  This year, due to scheduling conflicts, he decided this weekend was the only time to get it in.  We kept it a surprise until 3pm today, but they knew something was up because I was packing them a bag.

They left around 4:10 and by 4:15, I was taking a nap.  Austin had difficulty choosing which pets he was going to take because they all wanted to sleep with a Human:).  His words, not mine.  So, he took 2 and left one for me.  They stopped at Pizza Hut for dinner and ordered  enough for lunch tomorrow.  Thanks to Andy's cell phone, I have a picture to share!  I am very blessed that I am married to a wonderful man who loves and wants to create memories with his children.  This is his time and he cherishes it.  I love you, Andy!!

Tonight, I went to Marshalls and found new rugs for the bathroom, and ordered takeout from my favorite Chinese place, Pei Wei!!!
Tomorrow will be my back to school beauty day:  wake up, grab a Starbucks, get my end of summer pedicure, shop in some new stores in Powell, meet a friend for lunch in Delaware, get my hair done, and then who knows what....  The possibilities are endless!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Final Days of Summer

  It's almost back to school, and our summer fun is winding down.  I spent the last two days at a workshop, while the kids enjoyed time with their friends and Grandma.  We've had so much rain these last few days that they haven't been to the pool lately.  We've lots to do, including reading and finishing the Summer Brain Games from school.  Incentive: after school movie party and coupon for the Book Fair.  Even Mama's going to get in on that reward.

    Addyson lost her two front teeth over a period of two weeks.  After the first tooth came out (Thanks, Austin:), her second tooth started wiggling.  It came out at the pool, along with gushes of blood.  My neighbor Melissa (nurse)said that it happens with most front teeth.  Anyway, her talking is too cute and she looks oh so very ornery!!!  On Tuesday,  they both went to our dear friends, The Morans, for the day.  Addyson and Avery have been together since preschool, and their other good friend Jordyn lives two doors down.  They looked forward to it for days.  About a half hour before I came to pick them up, she began sobbing that she didn't want to leave.  She was sad and tearful.  When we got home, she went to her room to read, and continued crying.  She felt a little warm, so I got out the thermometer.  Her temp was 101.   Her throat hurt and she didn't eat.  The next day, she complained of headaches, sore throat, and was very quiet.  It was until after they went to bed that Andy reminded me what the dentist said in May...her molars are coming in, her two front teeth are trying to push through, and she may be grumpy/complain of headaches.  Since both kids are out of teething phase, I forgot it sometimes leads to fevers.  I'm definitely in the running for Mother of the Year Award!!!!

    Austin is his easy going self.  Miss Imogen(Avery's mom) said she could just eat him up he's so sweet.  He knows how to charm everyone!!!  He continues to love the slide and diving board at the pool, though we've restricted backwards jumping until next year.  He wasn't jumping far enough off the board, and his arm scrapped the edge.  It's not called road rash, perhaps diving board burn...:)!!!

    Both kids are ready to go back to school to see their friends.  Austin is looking forward to going to latchkey with Addy, and being at school every day.  Addy is looking more grown up daily.  Her passion for reading is exciting.  She's read so many Junie B. Jones and Puppy Place books this summer.  She's found her reading place:  her room.  She says, "Austin, I need some time to read by myself so could you play in your room?"

    Wednesday was family moving night at church...Veggitales.  Andy opted out, but the kids enjoyed it.  He's taking them to the annual Archer Back to School Campout this weekend.  It's a surprise! We've had a marvelous time, focusing on what matters and slowing down.    I am not looking forward to setting an alarm again!  Keep Smiling!!

P.S.  The basement is still not finished.  It's the project that never ends.  I am ready to have my house back!!!