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Saturday, August 28, 2010


We will soon be a family of FIVE...  No, I am not pregnant... However, we are adopting a beautiful princess from Eastern Europe and our prayer is to bring her home in the spring.  She is 2, and has brown hair and brown eyes.  Her birthday is in October, the same date as another special friend I will write about.  It's an amazing story how we have come to this place , but she is PERFECT, she is BEAUTIFUL, she is LOVELY, and she will soon have her forever family in the Archer HOME!!! Oh...she is chromosomally enhanced (I borrowed this from another blogger friend!!!:)in her genetic makeup. She has Down Syndrome and we are beyond excited  to finally call her our own:)

We are in the midst of our home study, reading about her culture and Down Syndrome, and moving forward in the paperwork pilgrimage.   A wonderful friend is holding our hand and guiding us throughout the process, along with other bloggers who have paved the path for us.
We are waiting on more information about her before making a decision on her name.  We began this blog as a way to share the Big and Small moments of our children with our family and will continue, but we are also going to celebrate a new life!!!  We can not wait to bring her home.

This morning, we had a family meeting over doughnuts.  Andy asked Austin and Addy if they wanted to become a big sister and a big brother.  Addyson said, "Well,  yes and no."  Both of us were surprised at her answer, so we prodded a little more.  She said, "Yes to becoming a big sister.  No, because it might be a BOY!!"  Andy and I could not control our laughter.  We explained that we would be bringing a toddler girl into our home, and she was so relieved.  Austin, on the other hand, asked after the little girl came home, could we go back and get a boy??!!!  Out of the mouth of babes:)  Our children are already thinking of how to make a difference in her life by helping her learn new things and are trying out different names for our little princess.

I will be posting a picture soon and we hope to have decided on her name.  Please visit the blogs on the left as they have shared their stories and were instrumental in leading us on the path. It's a complete leap of faith we know, but....
To Whom Much is Given, Much is Expected.

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  1. I am so excited, I might burst :)! I can not wait to share the news on my blog :)!!

    I am so excited to see people visiting here as word spreads of your new adventure and your new daughter.

    You have so much to look forward to! The months ahead will be full...there will be challenges but also more joy and gratitude than you can imagine.

    Deep breaths, hang on tight, one foot in front of the other. Before you know it, you will be in Eastern Europe meeting your little princess :)...