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Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Final Days of Summer

  It's almost back to school, and our summer fun is winding down.  I spent the last two days at a workshop, while the kids enjoyed time with their friends and Grandma.  We've had so much rain these last few days that they haven't been to the pool lately.  We've lots to do, including reading and finishing the Summer Brain Games from school.  Incentive: after school movie party and coupon for the Book Fair.  Even Mama's going to get in on that reward.

    Addyson lost her two front teeth over a period of two weeks.  After the first tooth came out (Thanks, Austin:), her second tooth started wiggling.  It came out at the pool, along with gushes of blood.  My neighbor Melissa (nurse)said that it happens with most front teeth.  Anyway, her talking is too cute and she looks oh so very ornery!!!  On Tuesday,  they both went to our dear friends, The Morans, for the day.  Addyson and Avery have been together since preschool, and their other good friend Jordyn lives two doors down.  They looked forward to it for days.  About a half hour before I came to pick them up, she began sobbing that she didn't want to leave.  She was sad and tearful.  When we got home, she went to her room to read, and continued crying.  She felt a little warm, so I got out the thermometer.  Her temp was 101.   Her throat hurt and she didn't eat.  The next day, she complained of headaches, sore throat, and was very quiet.  It was until after they went to bed that Andy reminded me what the dentist said in May...her molars are coming in, her two front teeth are trying to push through, and she may be grumpy/complain of headaches.  Since both kids are out of teething phase, I forgot it sometimes leads to fevers.  I'm definitely in the running for Mother of the Year Award!!!!

    Austin is his easy going self.  Miss Imogen(Avery's mom) said she could just eat him up he's so sweet.  He knows how to charm everyone!!!  He continues to love the slide and diving board at the pool, though we've restricted backwards jumping until next year.  He wasn't jumping far enough off the board, and his arm scrapped the edge.  It's not called road rash, perhaps diving board burn...:)!!!

    Both kids are ready to go back to school to see their friends.  Austin is looking forward to going to latchkey with Addy, and being at school every day.  Addy is looking more grown up daily.  Her passion for reading is exciting.  She's read so many Junie B. Jones and Puppy Place books this summer.  She's found her reading place:  her room.  She says, "Austin, I need some time to read by myself so could you play in your room?"

    Wednesday was family moving night at church...Veggitales.  Andy opted out, but the kids enjoyed it.  He's taking them to the annual Archer Back to School Campout this weekend.  It's a surprise! We've had a marvelous time, focusing on what matters and slowing down.    I am not looking forward to setting an alarm again!  Keep Smiling!!

P.S.  The basement is still not finished.  It's the project that never ends.  I am ready to have my house back!!!

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