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Monday, August 30, 2010

Our little princess

Jessie (23)

Our children are anxiously awaiting her arrival.  Andy printed off pictures and we have them all over the house.  Over the weekend, the kids were sharing the news with their friends, and their parents were emailing us to see if it was true!!  Once the news has spread, we received an outpouring of emotion and excitement to welcome her home.

At school, my class begins the day with a Morning Meeting.  It's a time for us to pass a rock and share anything with the class.  This morning, we were sharing about our weekend when Lauren (student) shared how she went to a friend's house and played with her sister who has Down Syndrome.  Her share sparked a discussion of what Down Syndrome is and then other students shared that they knew other friends with Down Syndrome.  What an AHA moment for me!!!

Andy and I are working as diligently as possible on our home study.  Our physicals are all scheduled, autobiographical statements written, references requests sent out, fingerprints done, my education credits accomplished, verification of employments received or pending, marriage certificates sent, and the heritage plan needs to be written up.  Our social worker's visits scheduled.  All this in the first two weeks of school..:)  It's been busy!!! I'd teach all day, play/read/walk with our kids, and as soon as they were in bed, we'd be working until 11 or later on the home study.  We have a few more things to accomplish, then we have done everything in our control.  Soon Andy will be finished with our basement remodel, and then it will be time to start on her room:)

Thank you for all your prayers, support, and well wishes.  She is AMAZING!!!


  1. I'm so happy little Jessie finally has a family! I have been drawn to her little face every day since I found Reece's Rainbow in June, she is just a beautiful girl and I can't wait to follow your journey to bring her home.
    I will be hoping and praying for your sucess all the way through this amazing adventure!

  2. I too am so happy that Jessie has a family. I saw that she was not on the waiting children list last week and was wondering what happened. How wonderful for her and you guys!!! I pray that our Heavenly Father will strengthen and guide you on your journey.

  3. Congratulations! She's a beautiful princess and will bring so much joy to your family!