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Monday, April 25, 2011

To Market, To Market

Shopping here is an experience all its own.  Grocery Stores are frequent, and the locations differ.  Some are in the basement of malls, or buildings.  No preservatives, and mostly organic.  The yogurt is creamy, and the produce is always fresh.  We are very fond of the ripe, plump tomatoes and make tomato/mozzarella salads often.  Tap water is not for drinking, unless you are married to a water quality expert engineer.  Then, you're in luck:)   Andy purifies the tap water in a bottle for his drinking.  I prefer to buy it in 6 liter jugs, and pour into my water bottle. 

I do miss having a Target.  Last week, a button on my coat came off, and I've been obsessing over it since.
Only I would take a picture of a missing button:)
Every store I venture in, I'm seeking a needle and thread.  No go, and other buttons are becoming loose.  The laces on Andy's boots are wearing thin, but we can't seem to find laces, either.

Outdoor Markets are the all-out shopping venue.  The City By The Sea houses the very first and largest outdoor market in the entire country.  We were in awe our first trip, unsure of how to navigate.  This past weekend, we found another building that houses shoes and clothing.   If you're seeking that ONE item you need, it's difficult to find unless you know your bearings.

I'll be making another trip.  I think the pants I brought for Sarah may be too small. 
What the orphanage street looks like Monday-Saturday
Sunday Views

All morning until mid-afternoon, people walking up and down the street.  Notice the baskets?  The Paska Bread, along with other items were being taken into church for the blessing.  Beautiful experience.
 Happy Monday:)


  1. Fascinating! Thanks for sharing the photos. I keep wondering why the trees are painted you know? I am glad that you are eating well, my Friend! Happy Monday to you!

  2. We tried to navigate a few outdoor markets as well. We were successful in figuring out ice cream flavors but not much else. :)

    What a gorgeous photo of the 3 of you at the end of this post! I can picture your other 2 children in that photo with you. It won't be long now!!!

  3. What an amazing trip (aside from the whole adoption part)!
    Are those tree trunks painted white??