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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Love In Any Language

Love in any language.  Straight from the heart.
Pulls us all together, never apart.
Once we learn to speak it, all the world will hear,
Love in any language, fluently spoken here.

Today, she didn't have the "deer in headlights, what the heck is going on, why are people looking at me" expression from our first meeting.  We were dropped off, went to the office, but I guess once we're through the gates, we can go to her groupa and ask for her.  She came out a little unsure, but once I pulled out the red beads, bracelet, and purse, she was good to go.
She is loving my red bag full of stuff.  I was reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear to her, and it's her favorite.  We go through the animals, making sounds, and rereading it over and over.  This afternoon, she even pointed to birds and cats when we were outside.

As my bag of tricks was emptying quickly, I pulled out some lotion and began rubbing some on her hands.  She LOVED it!  I used up half a bottle.  I would put some on her hands, rub them, then she would do it.  Grandma Eagy, she's going to love you slathering lotion all over her:)
What's Been Going On...
Tuesday evening, we took the train to her city.  Left at 11pm and arrived at 9am.  Immediately we were met by our wonderful translator, Aloyna, who took us to an administration office to get the local referral to see her.  Then, on to the orphanage.

Once there, we met the director, doctor, and other administrative personal.  We were told a slightly different birth story than before, but nothing alarming.  What we noticed is they love her and are happy she will have a family.  They were boasting about all that she could do, how happy and loving she is, and she is BUSY!  (The scrapes on her face are because she tends to do a lot of faceplants on the ground from running!) She can build bricks, match pictures, do puzzles, and more.  They are very proud of her.

When they brought her to us, we were in the small doctor's office, with four desks, and eight adults looking at her.  It was overwhelming for me, let alone a three year old.  Our translator made the suggestion to go to a play room, and she came to life.  Her teacher was placing tasks after task to show us what all she could do fine motor wise, and Sarah sees a speech teacher, also!!!

A mere 20 minutes later, we left to check in to our hotel and eat lunch.  By now, it's been almost 17 hours since our last meal!  We checked in, ate a little lunch, and then notarized more paperwork to begin.  As of now, we have done all we can and our lawyer/translator will be getting everything ready.  Aloyna says our adoption will go smoothly because of her parents notarizing their termination rights, no siblings, and they all live in the city.  Within two weeks, we should have our court.  Now, we visit her twice a day.

Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, 
penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.

Maya Angelou


  1. Tears all over the place. Could she be any more precious?? So happy for all of you! And so proud of you Shelly and Andy...

  2. Oh my. The picture with her standing with her hands in her pocket is priceless! She's such a big girl isn't she??? And so smart! I know you're going to enjoy every moment of your visits as you get to know each other. She'll be running to you very soon when you come to her door. I'm so glad things are going so smoothly for you guys so far! We send our continued prayers and joy!!!

  3. what a cutie!!! I am LOVING these pictures and is nice to get a little more glimpse at what is to come soon!

  4. She is so precious!! So happy for you!

  5. Good gracious she is beautiful!

  6. she is so so sweet!!!! I am SO happy for you guys!! praying the paperwork moves quickly and smoothly!!

  7. Shelly and Andy,

    Your pictures filled my heart with JOY! I am so very happy for you! I can hardly wait to meet the newest, beautiful, precious member of the family!

  8. Ooohh...she is absolutely precious! Look at those beautiful eyes!!! I'm in love!

  9. Oh my gosh...she's breathtaking! And oh so stylish! She's a poser too! LOVE her already....tears of joy, joy, joy!!!!

  10. I'm so glad to hear everything is going smoothly! You and Sarah have been in my thoughts and prayers. :)

  11. Aw, she has the cutest little button nose! I'm so happy she's in a good place and they seem to care for her. She's going to transition very well when she's home with you!