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Monday, April 11, 2011

SDA and FAQ's

  Our State Department of Adoption appointment was first thing this morning.  We drove up, walked into a side door, and ushered into a small office.  Multiple times we were asked if we know what a child with Down syndrome needs, are we sure, and do we want to change our mind.  Yes, Yes, and No!!!

  We saw her infant picture, a round face with locks of brown hair spiked down the middle of her head. Andy and I remarked how similar it was to Addy when she was born.  There was no information about her siblings, but her mother stayed with her in the hospital for some time before her parents terminated their parental rights.  From her mother's history, I know in my heart she wanted Sarah.  She wanted her little girl. 

Colder and Windy!!!
      We were asked if we wanted to accept her, and decline other referrals and it was over.  Pulling out the photo I've used her multiple times(the one of her as an infant paired with her picture now), the SDA worker and our translator both smiled at how cute she looks.  Even though it was not the time to trade pictures, I was glad I laid it out.  It showed promise and hope for her.

  After that we immediately drove to the train station to purchase tickets to her city for the overnight train.  Our departure is late Tuesday and we arrive early Wednesday morning.  When I shared this with my students I was going on a train, they asked if it was like the Harry Potter train.  I don't know for sure, but I'm guessing not!!!  LOL

  Later that afternoon, we met the Whites at TGIF's for dinner.  I loved hearing their stories of last year's adoption.  I asked questions about the process and they shared their version.  We stayed there for 2 hours, chatting.   One thing to remember:  every family's adoption process differs.  We have yet to meet anyone but Niko.  All's well because everything is getting accomplished.


1.  What country and city is Sarah from?

It has been advised not mention her city or country on blogs, Facebook, or any online forum.  For Sarah's protection, protecting our process, and the families who come behind us, we are being very respectful of what we post.  Feel free to email me any questions.  I will share that we are currently in the capital city of her country until tomorrow night, then we'll be in a beautiful city on the Black Sea for the duration.  Upon sharing our city with the locals, their eyes light up with how beautiful the city is!  Blessed!

2.  When will you see Sarah? 

Once we get to her city Wednesday, we need to pick up a local referral before going to the orphanage.  I've been told that we'll spend a lot of time driving around the city that day, gathering signatures and paperwork.  We may see her for a brief time on Wednesday, but absolutely Thursday.

3.  I've heard about the SDA changes.  How will that affect you?

We've been told that our process will continue as normal, as will those submitted.  Mind you, two different people told us two different things today.  Until we receive different directions, we're continuing on our path.

4.  How do you know when and what to do once in country?
We've been given a "Bat" phone with programmed numbers of all our contacts.  They call us, tell us when to be ready, and what to do.  We are also very adventurous people, so we've explored the city on our own.  We are adapting quite well and have only had a couple communication issues.  Mostly because the display on the cash register wasn't working and we didn't know what our total was.  Most menus have an English version.  I am loving every moment, breathing in all the nuance of the city, and living in the moment.
Tomorrow's Teaser:

Traffic Patterns and Architecture

Saint Sophia's Cathedral Story tomorrow...

Keep Smiling!


  1. Our internet was not working until the afternoon today - hope to meet you guys! I left my phone number on a message in aol! - we have a BAT phone too! : )

  2. looks fabulous! thanks for all the updates! i love them!

  3. I'm sure we sat at that same table at TGIF's! We ate there every day so I'm sure we sat at most of the tables there. :) It's so nice to meet up with other RR couples so I'm glad you had the chance to do that as well. They didn't trade for the infant picture? We did that right away...hopefully you'll get it too.

    OK, get ready for the train adventure. At least you're not in the midst of the biggest heat wave like we were. I'll be praying that time moves quickly between now and the time to see Sarah!!! How exciting!!!

  4. Love it!!!!! It sounds like you are having a great time and the best is yet to come! Hope you sleep well on the train ;-) Actually, I did fine. It wasn't too bad :-) We'll just say it's "cozy"!

  5. I hope you are able to get a peek at Brian, I am so very happy for you and that beautiful little Sarah, so happy she will soon be with her new mommy and daddy ;) She is so precious!!