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Sunday, April 17, 2011

City by the Sea

After a few days, we are settling in our city and getting our bearings.  Because the weather had been extremely cold, Saturday was our first exploring day.  This city is quite different than the capital, unique features all its own.
For one thing, it's a major tourist city of all nationalities.  Most places speak a little English or we know enough to communicate.

See these stairs.

Evidently, it was on Andy's bucket list to walk down, take a picture, and walk back up.  According to his vast useless knowledge, from the top you only see the platform and only see the stairs from the bottom.  I was okay with only seeing the platform, but "when in Rome or City by the Sea"...
I'm doing my "cheesy" posing that we see the locals do.

So we walked down, took a picture, and walked back up.  Check!  (My birthday present to him!)

The sights and sound continue to amaze me as I walk daily.  No matter the same path, there is always a newness to it.  

Always there are couples lost in themselves, together.

Court date has yet to be determined, most likely in another week or two.  Until we have a date, we can't predict when we'll be coming home.  Another facet of living by faith, and in the moment.  Our days are filled with visits with Miss Sarah and walking around the city.

One other wonderful avenue is with the technology, we're able to communicate daily with family and friends.  I was remembering when my aunt and uncle adopted eight years ago, technology had not advanced as much.  On our trip, we've emailed, facebooked, and blogged.  Our kids' amazing teachers have let us Skype in their classrooms last week, and we've been able to Skype with our parents.
Now for the closing number in this post, you've all been anticipating...


 To The Families of Max and Lena, Brian, and Alina:  your children are in Sarah's groupa or the groupa next door and we see them daily.  Andy's doing his "spy" camera techniques to get some good pictures for you.  Amber and Missy B, I think I already have your email.  Alina's family, email me off list or post a comment so we can get you pictures of your child.
Keep Smiling and Embracing Your Journey:)


  1. My 5 yr old daughter was looking over my shoulder just now. She was asking me "where is that?" "where is that?"... then I scrolled down to Sarah's picture. She exclaimed, "OOOHHHH - SHE IS CUTE!" I told her she was being adopted and showed her picture of you "her new dad and new mom". She was so excited for her :)

  2. Shelley, - so true on technology! We are loving following this journey with you! Haley was SO excited to tell me all about your Skype talk. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers!!


    I'm thinking you are in the same orphanage as Jonah you I am advocating for... PLEASE - IF YOU ARE - CAN YOU SEND ME ANY/ALL PICTURES YOU CAN TAKE OF HIM!! PLEASE...

    Julia Nalle -

  4. It looks beautiful! I hope it warms up for you, though :-) Love your cheesy photo! Oh, and I can't get enough of beautiful Sarah! Check out my dh's blog posts of the brides (this is part 1 of a 3 part series) I'm sure you'll see the same on any given Saturday:

    Also, on that path that leads to the stairs, if you keep going straight so the stairs/steps are on your right, you'll eventually see a pretty coliseum and a bridge with a gazillion locks on it.

    I can't wait for the next post and hopefully news about court!

  5. What a beautiful city. Much different from where we were--ours was compared to Detroit. I'm glad you're enjoying sightseeing and crossing things off of Andy's bucket list! :0 Fun times! Sarah seems to have quite a personality and looks like lots of fun! I hope court is scheduled VERY SOON!!!

  6. yay! i'm so excited for your family. i've followed several adoption blogs and i love this part of the journey. i have learned something new (ok, many new from each experience. prayers are being sent for everything to be easy for you. :)