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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Our Current Homes

Our Apartment
    Our place in the City By The Sea is lovely and accommodating.  Our original first floor apartment was lacking many necessities advertised, so Andy requested a different one the next day.  We moved up to the fourth floor to a more spacious, beautiful, and luxurious apartment for the same price as the one in the capital city.  This apartment is a two-bedroom, but has a microwave, washing machine, better internet connection, and more kitchen utensils.  It does require walking up 4 flights of stairs, multiple times a day, but it's worth it:)

 Please excuse the clothes drying on the railing and clothes rack.   Dryers are not common here, so you lay your clothes out to dry.  They do dry quickly, though.

Sarah's Home
Every morning and afternoon, our taxi drops us off and we ring the buzzer for the gate open.  The keeper asks for the document that allows us to visit, and logs it in a book.  From there, we walk down the concrete path, in the green building, and up the stairs.  Knock, a caretaker opens the door to the locker area, we knock on the group 5, and wait for her to come out.  The children know we're there for Sarah and begin shouting, "......(her russian name) Mama," over and over until someone opens the door.   Some days she is dressed to go outside, and other days we wait.  We have not been allowed in the groupa room, but we play in the locker area or outside.

The Locker Area
Each child shares a locker with one other child. The lockers hold their outside clothes and shoes.  It's custom to put outside clothes and shoes on, then put inside shoes on when you come in.  Her black sandals are the only constant item in her wardrobe.  Everything is shared.

 This area we sometimes play so the other children can't see us.  We are a distraction because so many are wishing for their own mamas and papas to come.  When I help other children with their coats and shoes, they run their hands through my hair, touch my sunglasses, and my necklaces.  They're excited to see Sarah's mama and papa every day.  

  See these gates?  One day, we'll be walking out together, the three of us, for the last time.
What a day that will be...
There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.
George Sand

 Photobook Problem Solved:  Stewing over it all day, I asked Andy to tear out the last page of the book.  It came out clean, the book in tact, and the administration enjoyed it.  We were even asked questions about the pictures.  
******The child's picture must be removable in photo albums until finalization of the process.*********
 The administration supports our petition to adopt Sarah, and so we are waiting for a court date.  Hopefully, early next week:)


  1. LOVE watching this miracle!!! Sarah is so beautiful I'm so very happy for you!

    And you apt, is lovely! A lot nicer than some I've seen(in pics).

  2. All teared up here. She is such a precious girl. God bless.

  3. I LOVE the picture taken through the heart! It speaks volumes! Thank you so much for sharing your journey.

  4. your apartment is so nice! Did you find it or did the facilitators arrange it! I hope we are lucky to get a nice place when we go! You guys are awesome photographers! Love all the pics!

  5. Beautiful apartment! I really hope court is soon. I know you are missing your children back home. Sarah is a doll!!! She looks like a sponge...ready to soak in all you want to teach her!

  6. I have that same George Sand quote on my living room wall! So awesome that they have a dog there, too. Love the heart pic :)