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Monday, April 4, 2011

Abundant Blessings

Since the beginning of our journey, my friend Jen, has been one of the multitudes of cheerleaders, rooting us on.  She and Rebecca have loved on my kids every Sunday in Children's Church and prayed for our paperwork, Sarah, and our family daily.   I know if I send an "all call" out to Jen, she encompasses our family in prayer.  No questions needed, no extra information.
I missed saying goodbye to her at church Sunday, but I'd get in touch this week.  Sunday evening, her children gave me this...

 The blanket and design was chosen by Jen, and her mother-in-law, Judy, sewed it together.  This family together blanketed my little girl, born in our hearts, in silk, fleece, and flowers.  It'll be traveling the oceans and Sarah will be wrapped in the blanket, designed in love and stitched with prayer.  Thank you, Jen and Judy, and family.

Happiness appeared on my chair this morning.  What cheerful way to begin the day.  Thank you, Jenni, for Sarah's Sunshine.

A package arrived today, and they're either for Andy's work or my online shopping splurges.  The window for arrival before we leave is closed, so I wondered what could it be.  Wrapped tightly in packaging tape, I opened it, and saw the box:  Outdoor lights from North Carolina?  What?  Surely not.  Then, I opened the box....
Aunt Dot and Uncle Steve sent us a box of lotions, teas, and soaps to take over with us.  What a surprise!  Thank you.  Not sure we could have used only 1 outdoor light anyway:)
I've released all my lesson plans to my substitute, and will only be back at school on Thursday.  So, I was the Mystery Reader in Austin's class.  He was so surprised and couldn't stop smiling to introduce me.  I read the Red Thread Adoption Fairytale by Grace Lin, and then used a red ribbon to share our story.  You'll see as the story progresses, the red thread between Austin and his friend is closer than ever.  So fun to be back in first grade.

Lastly,  I'm going to share my travel tip.  Lisa, from Living in the Light, has shared with me a file of travel tips for Eastern Europe.  They have been a tremendous help preparing for the unknown.
 My Travel Tip:  Entertainment
We're adventure people and love to explore, but we also love "no thinking" time.  We never saw the series, 24, which is surprising because I LOVE CIA/espionage thrillers.  So, he ordered the Seasons 1 and 2, and thought we may need Season 3, also.  I recommend Ebay, less expensive than retail and opportunity to resell.

Next, any trip I skip extra clothing for books.  On a week's vacation, I can devour 6 books, but it's not feasible to take a lot of books with me.  So, I sprung for a refurbished NOOK.  I've never read literature online, but I've heard fabulous things about it.  I've downloaded some titles already, and have the flexibility to add more with WI-FI.  Love my fabulatized cover by Dana Designs, on Etsy.

I've packed playing cards, a crossword book, and my notebook to write ideas down.  He'll be taking his work computer, and I'll be taking mine.  I have plans to practice and study on my photography techniques, and finish writing our story.

Bottom line, I'd skimp on extra clothes before I'd skimp on books, and other trinkets to keep myself entertained.   Noone wants to see me bored.   I'm just saying:)
While I wasn't enjoying the monsoon today, Addy's curls sprung to life.
 Off to pack...


  1. I am so thrilled for you!!! I can't imagine the anticipation you are feeling!!! The time has come, Shelly!!! How exciting?! I can NOT wait to see pics. :) :) Praying for the last leg. :)

  2. I can hardly believe you are leaving! Although I will miss seeing you every day at school, I am so very happy for you! I will see you Thursday, Friend!

  3. So exciting!!! Oh, there will be plenty of beautiful places to practice your photography, and there are lots of nice park benches to read (I loved the ones by the fountain near the gazebo - beautiful spot!). Can you sneak me in your luggage? :-) Even though we were there on a mission for our daughter, my husband and I felt like it was a bit of a second honeymoon. ENJOY yourselves (I'm sure you will)!