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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Shifting Sails

Today, we learned that the paper we needed from the capital city wouldn't arrive until this afternoon or Thursday morning.  Now, it needs to move through the system in the City by the Sea before a court date will be assigned.  At this time, the earliest would be Friday, and that's wishful thinking.  The four day Easter holiday did not help our case, as most businesses and mail were on holiday.

While we are disappointed, we're not discouraged.  There is a great distance between those two points on the emotional continuum, and we are not anywhere discouraged.  Sarah will come home to our family,  perhaps not in the timeline I mentally hoped it would be.  There is not a standard timeline for adoptions, nor procedure in this country.  Everything varies from region to region.  Our papers began in the capital city, processed and sent to Sarah's city, then we signed more papers and sent them back to the capital to be processed, then back here.  It's complicated, timely, and a waiting game.  For now, we keep on keeping on, learn something new about Sarah daily, and await the adventure each new day unfolds.
Shifting our sails as the winds change...

This is her expression whenever the birds fly away.  She sees them sitting on the ground, walks or runs to them, and then doesn't understand why they fly away.
Spring has sprung in this City by the Sea.  Sunny, warm, beautiful, and the flowers are blooming.  

This morning, she sat in our laps for almost the entire visit.  Very rare:)  Andy was teaching her the sign for book, which she's learned.  And she likes to growl and "scare" with her hands when we read Brown Bear.

Andy ordered recordable postcards before we left, so the kids could record a message for Sarah.  As you can see, she's elated to have a syestra (sister) and brat (brother) and a Family. 
Her eyes tend to water and she's had a runny nose off and on.  Once I gave her a tissue, she sat on a bench and wiped her nose clean.  Afterwards, she "learned" to tear it up in minuscule pieces and put them in Andy's pocket.  He was delighted:(

Tomorrow's another day, with new adventures and love all around.


  1. You are getting closer! Glad you are willing to adjust the sails with a smile and just keep going. Adorable pics. Sarah looks like she already knows how much you love her. You are all lit from within. Beautiful!

  2. What a great disposition you and Andy have. Adjusting your sails is a much better way to approach those winds of change but too often many of us, myself included, try to buck the wind and stay the course I had in mind anyway. You both are an inspiration to those following in your footsteps with adoption in this country!!!

    Sarah's smile says it all as far as whether adjusting the sails is worth it or not!!!

  3. Not sure if her expression when the birds fly away or the photo of her listening to the postcards from her siblings is my favorite!

  4. love the new header!!! You are always so positive,,,I love it! Praying things keep moving in a timely manner for you!

  5. love it! you, your girl and your attitude...she reminds me SOOO much of an older fun to see her blossom with you guys. Sofia has the teary eyes too :) small tiny tear ducts.... :) xo

  6. Sarah seems like a very smart little girl. Keep on enjoying your time with her each day. We are sure enjoying the pictures!!!

  7. praying for court asap :) she is just SO amazing!! you are all SO blessed!!!
    Before you know it she will be yours! :)

  8. Shelley, I'm sorry the court date is later than you were hoping for. Good for you for having a great attitude about it! The picture of Sarah smiling with the pictures of her new sister and brother are just PRICELESS! They brought tears to my eyes!! By the way, love the new look of your blog!