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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Love's Fairytale

Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale.

We're living in a dream world, filled with Once Upon A Times, and everyone lives Happily Ever After.  My big girl chose to put her fear on a shelf for one night, take a risk, and put herself out there with a speaking part in her musical.  Her first response was a firm No, when she learned about them.  After talking it out like 2nd graders do, she said, a resounding "Yes" to speak.  Days of pondering and practicing her part, thinking of the perfect costume, curling her wavy hair, and  Voila, Miss Addy, AKA Snow White.

She spoke clearly, giggled at her front row cheering section of cameras, phones, and video capturing her moment in the spotlight.  I'm so proud of my girl for taking a risk, and trying something new.  She did it!

 I went into her class today to share the Red Thread, and as I was finished she said, "Mama, can I tell about the miracle where Daddy's company didn't pay him and now it'll be the amount to stay in a hotel in Sarah's city?"  And so she shared.  My little girl, growing out of her shell, to share her story with her friends.
  A proud Mama am I.

Our last family photo of four.                                      

 Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale.

Travel Tip #2  Packing
In my earlier post, I shared about entertainment and to go light on clothes.  Another tip is to double-check your kids' packing techniques.  Last evening, they were to lay out pants, shirts (short and long sleeves), socks, and more.  Your imagining neatly stacked pants, shirts, and more on the floor, waiting to be checked by the Packing Fairy?!!  Not so, this is Austin's idea of packing...

He laid full-length outfits around his room, like he was checking to see if they looked good together. 
This is my idea of packing for the month to Grandma's.  
 Essentials: buy travel sizes as much as you can.  They fit in any nook and cranny in your bags.  I scoured the travel aisles at all the big box stores to get what I could.  Travel TP, wet ones, Lysol, anti-bacterial, makeup, are better options than full-size bottles.  Some things do not come in travel sizes, so I'm putting them in my checked bag, and pouring a little in the travel size bottles for the plane ride over there and the first day. 

Clothing:  I'm habitually cold until it's 80 degrees, so I'm layering a lot.  Cardigans, scarves, long necklaces can dress up any black and grey ensemble.  Shoes are the one thing I've not figured out.  It's hard to find 3 pairs that you'll enjoy for the month we'll be over there.  I've got two more days to figure it out:)

In a little more than a week, we'll meet the little girl born in our hearts. It's getting closer...

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  1. I don't know how I have missed your blog! So fun to see all the travel tips and how close you are getting!!!!!you will LOVE 24 by the way! It was a major addiction of ours for some time! Good luck! I can't wait to follow your journey!