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Thursday, March 31, 2011


I've been in super-speed mode, checking off things on my list once completed.  Only thing is there are way too many things to get accomplished between now and next Friday.  I'm winding down my school lists.  Tomorrow, I'm sharing with my class about our adoption and reading the book, We'll Paint the Octopus Red.  Another mama gave me the title to read with my own children.  It's wonderful for all ages alike.  Next week,  I'm the mystery reader at the kids' school, so I'll read it there.
I want my children to know there is good all around us, to recognize it, to notice it, and to celebrate. Yesterday, as I was sharing our story with two special ed teachers, they were asking questions about gift etiquette in Eastern Europe.  Today, a bag of Bath and Body lotions and soaps was brought to my room to pack away.  Another teacher is doing something for Addy and Austin while we are gone.  Every step of the way, Andy and I received one affirmation after another to know this journey was meant to be.

I had a few moments today where the ball of panic in my stomach was creeping up.  Not "What the heck have I done?"  but more "How the heck will everything GET done!"  I know it will, but I have my moments of freak outs!  A celebration for me...I didn't let it get full-blown and once a big computer concern was resolved, all's well in Shelly's world.

Our house is filled with boxes all over.  As we gather items off our list, we throw them in boxes.  Andy's gathering routers, cords, camera filters, batteries...the tech stuff.  I'm gathering the essentials, like travel TP, anti-bacteria soap, wipes.  I have a few outfits, toys, and essentials for Sarah.  She'll be coming home with Eastern Europe shoes.  No way I can guestimate her size until we see her.

And so, I close with a few shots of innocent beauty, love, and livin in the moment.

Gotta love the chipped finger polish on 3 fingers:)

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  1. biggest bit of advice! pack light! you will have to lug it everywhere! take everything out of boxes and put them in ziplocs! they come in very handy later!