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Monday, March 21, 2011


When the mind is backed by will, miracles happen.  Yogi Tea

Time to up my "A" game.  Our appointment date arrived via email this morning.  We will be flying out April 8th, hopefully.  Our travel arrangements aren't set yet, but it's our tentative plan.  Why this time frame is PERFECT, is a story itself.

Of course, I would have wanted to have everything ready and be traveling by now.  Who wouldn't?  Because of the later date, Andy and I will be able to attend Addy's musical, of which she volunteered for a small part.  It's fairy tales with a twist, and she is all geeked out about wearing the Snow White costume in her closet.  Austin has a reader's theater that week at school, the day we hope to leave.  He's been giggling this past week, saying his lines.  While they wanted us to meet Sarah, sooner, they are excited we'll be able to watch their performances.

Next,  another family has their appointment an hour later than us.  What a great time to meet up with another family traveling a similar journey to meet their newest member.

The last,  PERFECT piece is that two of our friends will be arriving in the capital city of Sarah's country, that Sunday.  Since our appointment is Monday, we'll hopefully be able to meet up with them that day.  Friends, living in our city, flying half-way around the world, meeting together in the same city for a brief moment in time.  Different journeys, but paths crossing on two different continents at that one, precious moment.

Our appointment came on the day that we have come to celebrate:  World Down Syndrome Day, recognized every year on 3-21.  3/21 stands for the 3 strands of the 21st chromosome, unique to individuals with Down syndrome.

Eleven months ago, I noticed two little girls outside my classroom door.  I saw their beauty, their smiles, and their love.

Bridget and Alina, because you were outside my classroom that last day of school,  another little girl with an extra chromosome will be coming home to her family.
Its Spring Break week and our normal trip is to travel to Florida, to visit my parents.  We're always their last hurrah before trekking their way back north.  Our travel plans were uncertain, so we weren't able to make it.  The next time we see my family, we'll be a family of five.   Three beautiful, special little gifts that make every day worth celebrating life, laughter, and love.


  1. Congrats! So excited for you and your family!! Safe travels! Looking forward to welcoming Sarah into the Eli Pinney, Dublin community!

  2. I am SO SO SO SO excited!!! Just know, that I will be STALKING your blog while you are in country. I cannot wait to see Sarah with her mommy and daddy! :) And then, we will plan a meet up! Of course, after you get in and settled and she KNOWS who her family is! I just can't wait. :) Love it!