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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Living in the Moment

Celebratin the Sun, St. Patrick's Day, and each other.  As soon as we came home, they ate a quick snack, changed into short sleeves, capris, and the best of all...FLIP FLOPS!!  I LOVE the day when it begins flip flop weather.  It was high 60's in Ohio today, and that my friends, is a Celebration.  So, we walked, played outside, and some leprechauns kissed our pancakes and drinks for dinner.

 Top of the mornin to ya.
It doesn't taste any different.  How did it get green?
I'm not too sure about this green stuff...
Still not sure...
Some new blooms poppin up from the glorious sunshine, brilliantly shining on our home.

Happy St. Patrick's Day and Celebrate the Sun, my friends.
P.S.  Still patiently waiting on the travel date:)

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  1. Hi I am Sheri B. Brian (23) mom. if you can, let me know how he is doing (if you see him) he is getting close to transfer, we hope he is still there.If possible we would love to know what size he is in. I understand you may not see him. We are waiting for USCIS approval. We are very excited for you, Sarah is adorable!!

    Thank you!