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Monday, March 14, 2011

From My Heart

   As the spring sun begins to peak out of the clouds, our family is anxiously awaiting the arrival of a new blossom, a new flower for our family garden.  A garden does not happen overnight, nor do flowers magically appear.  A master gardener has a vision, writes a plan, and then plants the seeds according to the plan.  But, the work does not stop.  The garden must be tended, toiled over, watered, weeded daily, taking great care so that soil is perfect for the flower to grow and blossom.
      Our family garden is ready.  The Master Gardener watered, tended, and toiled over the soil in our family these last 7 months  to make it perfect for Sarah to grow, blossom, and bloom.  Each step of the way, we grew in our individual ways, and as a family.  We see things we did not see.  We notice.  We celebrate.  We live in the moment more.    Andy and I saw miracles happen right before our eyes, through the paperwork process.  Some papers were easy.  Others were more challenging.  No matter how difficult, we received enough grace to help us onto the next challenge.  Our children saw their prayers answered in the time they were meant to happen.  They saw us celebrate and their mustard seed faith grew.

    Our latest miracle happened last Friday.  Andy was looking at his sales numbers for the year, and they were not adding up.  He "felt" the nudge to keep digging and went back all the way to July(when we first began talking about adoption!!).  In July, his company did not pay him his commission check. (a complicated formula, and not easy to track!).  When he shared with me the amount they will be paying us on his next check, my jaw dropped!!!  It is the exact amount, almost to the dollar, what was quoted for a month's rent at a hotel in Sarah's city!!!  Grace for today, no more and no less. 
    It is difficult to express in words what it is like to have the deepest love for a precious child of whom you only have seen a picture and know the day of her birth.  The spark that begins in your heart begins shining brighter and brighter on your journey.  Soon, you are championing for your child, carrying the torch like an Olympian, never wavering in your desire to bring this child that was deemed unfit for society, HOME. To your home, to your family, to cherish, celebrate, and blossom. 

    I'm drawn to tears daily, thinking about the moment we will meet face-to-face.  What will she be like?  Will she know we love her?  I imagine holding her, in her bright sunshine outfit, walking her out the door of the orphanage for the last time. I envision the moment Addy and Austin meet their sister, giving her the bear they made for her.  I picture her arms around Andy, snuggling together.  I can see these images as if they are real.  I see her smile, laugh, and giggle.  I see.
                                           Instructions for Living a Life:
1.  Pay Attention!!!                      Check
2.  Be Astonished!!!                    Check
3.  Tell About it!!!                      Check
Mary Oliver


  1. We can't wait for you to finally meet Sarah! I noticed this picture of her in the pink dress after we had already brought Alina home, and my heart jumped. To know that she's coming you, and to an amazing thought. We are so looking forward to pictures of your meeting and then to someday soon meeting Sarah in person. You are truly blessed already and will be even more so when you bring your little EE princess home!

  2. She is a doll. I know your lives will be richly blessed with your new "flower!"

  3. Shelly, it's amazing!!! Tears of joy for you!!! Cannot wait to see the Princess HOME!

  4. Awesome! so exciting. I am adopting from the same orphanage that you are. Would you email me please? I am new in the process.