Tell me what it is you want to do with your one wild and precious life? -mary oliver

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Race

Whenever I entered 5k runs, I always started off like a jackrabbit, weaving in and out of people until I got my rhythm as the first mile marker passed.  Then, I began to pick up the pace once I saw Mile 2, knowing the end was near.  Mile marker 3, I kicked it into a full sprint, attempting to meet my goal, finish the endurance and accomplishment set before me.

Yesterday, at lunch I was sharing this metaphor with my friends.  The dossier, the paper chasing, the completion of that part was mile marker 1.  The day we were submitted, I've picked up the pace.  Gathering necessary travel essentials, buying lunch supplies and snacks for the kids, organizing the end-of-year lesson plans, putting Sarah's room together.  Andy and I feel like we are running a half-marathon everyday, burning the candle at both ends.  He has one more big business trip before we leave, trying to have everything in order for Sarah's country and our kids.  We aren't in panic mode yet.  We're calm.  The day we receive our travel date, we'll up the ante into a full-on sprint.
  Andy moved this dresser from our room up a switchback staircase, to Addy's room all by himself!!!!

Pudge and Zippy's amazing mom sent us a file with these picture cards that I'm laminating tomorrow and making into a book to take with us.  I'm working on some photo books of our family for her.

I met Lisa and her daughter, Sara,from Living in the Light,  for coffee today, gathering last minute tips for traveling, and practicing phrases in Sarah's native language.

We're making the most of our time before we leave, celebrating the small moments, having the time to live, laugh, and love.