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Monday, October 25, 2010

Must Reads

During the summer months, I began to research and find books at the library on Down syndrome and adoption.  While they were informational, I was seeking more on the family piece, not medical jargon.  I found a couple of books that I believe every parent with a special needs child should read.  The books are  beautiful, emotional, and give you a glimpse of the love and joy the families receive.  I've found myself  laughing, crying, and overwhelmed all in a short time span.

Gifts and Gifts 2, are written by families and mothers, sharing how people with Down syndrome enrich their lives.  A couple of my special friends have their story in Gifts 2.

Chicken Soup for the Soul, Children with Special Needs:  another tear-jerker, but embraces multiple special needs in this collection of essays from families. 


  1. Those look great- have you read the book Andrea at RR suggests? The Connected Child- it doesn't deal specifically with Ds but does include what to expect when adopting, and some insights on special needs. I learned so much from it!

  2. Michelle, we read the Connected Child for our home study. It had some helpful hints, similar to many books I've read for teaching. Thanks for sharing:)