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Friday, October 22, 2010

Birthday Wishes for Sarah

                         Happy Birthday, sweet girl.

                        When you woke up today looking out
                        of your crib,
                         you are no longer 2, but 3.
                        Three years ago, you were given breath, life.
                        You were born in a country,
                        across the ocean and miles away from us.
                        You were placed on this earth
                        to make the world more beautiful.
                        You are a promise.

                        Two months ago, you were born in our hearts.
                        Our love for you is everlasting.
                        We have only seen a picture of you,
                        But you are beautiful, you are precious,
                        and most of all,
                        You are loved.

                        One day we will meet you face to face.
                        Oh, Sarah, what a day to behold.
                        From the autumn time,
                        to the snow on the ground,
                        our celebration day is getting closer.

                       Your big sister is talking constantly of
                        making a difference in your life.

                        Your big brother is drawing pictures for you
                        and making cards to celebrate your

                        Your mother and father are leaving
                        no stone unturned on their journey
                        to bring you home. 

                        The days are getting shorter on our
                        part of the world
                        For our family, it's a time to anticipate
                        your arrival.

                        Soon, baby girl, you'll be in your forever home
                        wrapped in the loving arms of a family
                        who loves you.

                        Soon, oh so very, Soon.

                        Happy Birthday, sweet girl.
                        You are loved, Sarah.


  1. Happy Birthday, Sarah :)! We can't wait to meet you!

  2. Happy Birthday to the sweetest little girl with the sweetest little face! I'm so happy that your family has found you. I know you will love your family with all of your heart as they will love you the same. God knows what you're doing and He knows what you're family is doing on this special day. I pray that He allows you to feel tangible love today. Love from all the way across the world! Love that only He can stretch that far! Soon you will be smothered with that love ALL day EVERY day! We can't wait to see you make it home! :)

  3. Happy Birthday sweet Sarah!!! She will be in your arms one day.
    She shares a birthday with my Emmie!! Only a year apart.