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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

His First Tooth Came Out...

 The past week, Austin's tooth was on the verge of coming out.  His first with any first grader, the loose tooth is a milestone to behold.  Many ways to get the tooth out were shared, but he wanted it to fall out at school.  There is something about heading down to the nurse with your tooth in your hand and coming out with a tooth necklace to secure it until it's time for the tooth fairy.  Ahhh, it was not to be:(
He had been playing with it all night, and it was barely hanging on.  Before we were heading up to bed, he twisted it and out it came.  Bedtime must wait...there needs to be pictures, get a baggie to put it in, the drinking of water, and most of all Celebration:)  As I was tucking him in, he was preparing a list of friends and teachers of who he must share this news with Tuesday.  Sweet dreams, big boy!!!


  1. So, no tying a string around a door knob and slamming the door for Austin? he he

    Josi pulls out all of her own teeth. In fact all of my kids have done that. Makes my job pretty easy. My Dad pulled one of mine out with the pliers!!! Can you believe it??? Eeeek! Can you say child abuse? ha ha

    Tell Austin Congratulations from NC!

  2. This is too funny. I wrote a post tonight about my son Jack having a loose tooth before I even read your post. Those boys, they are something else, aren't they?

    Love wins,
    Renee Tam

  3. Thank you for the comments...he could hardly go to sleep hoping someone would write a comment about his tooth...once his tooth came out,"Mama, will you write about it on your blog?"