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Saturday, October 2, 2010

September Sunrise...

A little over a month ago, our family made the commitment to become a little girl's forever family.  One month down, 5 more to go...
Here is where our time has gone:

*August 19-Contract with Home Study agency and they began working on our state clearances
*August 24-Commitment papers sent to Reece's Rainbow
*August 27-Doctor's appointment for one child/medical form completed
*August 28-Shared with our families and children of our adoption plans.  Everyone is so surprised, excited, and thrilled for us.  The kids begin placing her picture around the house.
*August 30-State fingerprinting.  Social Worker calls to schedule our home visits.
*September 3-Doctor's appointment for one child/medical form completed
*September 4-Addy is writing a list of possible names for her from A-Z
*September 5-Family decision to call her Sarah
*September7-10-Completing more paperwork, education credits.  Read a total of 6-8 books. All home study paperwork is completed.
*September 10-Need to reschedule home study visit
*September 13-Received the international paperwork and process
*September 16-First home study visit (the power came back on 5 minutes before she arrived:), Child Specific Petition/other forms notarized and faxed to her country
*September 17-Received ok to certify/apostille CSP/POA
*September 18-2nd home study visit
*September 20-CSP/forms certified, apostilled, and sent to her country
*September 27-Andy's Dr. appointment/medical form/tests completed

It's been a crazy, busy, but wonderful month as we are checking off things to complete.
Soon, Sarah, we'll be bringing you home...

Even more AMAZING...
I was reading the digest from Reece's Rainbow yesterday, and was in AWE!!!  A coordinator was updating their website with commitments and My Family Found ME page, when she began counting back to our commitment day.  From August 25 to this week, 34 angels found their forever family.  34...Two were adopted from another agency, and one went home with their biological family:)   Still, 31 children have moved from waiting to My Family Found Me on Reece's Rainbow.  34 children will one day wake up in a loving, caring home.  34 children will be loved, cherished, and celebrated for who they are.  There are no words, but AMAZING!!!  All because someone stepped up and said, "I will love and bring a child home."  There is so much good happening around us!!!! Celebrate it!!

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