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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Buddy Walk Recap

Waking up excited for our first Buddy Walk, our eyes opened up to gray, cloudy skies and cold, windy air with a possibility of rain:(  Walking out the door, we grabbed mittens and hats, and I'm so glad we did!  It continued to be cold the entire time.  However, the rain held off until the event was almost over!!!:)  Yeah!

Walking into the registration area, we found the Reece's Rainbow table.  We met Yana and Robyn's family and began talking about where we all are in our process.  Soon, Addy's Girl Scout troop came and we walked with the Carlisle Cuties, and their captain, Bailey.  What a day!  Seeing so many walking up and down Crew Stadium, celebrating children with Down Syndrome.  Cheerleaders, clowns, mascots, and more were all around to share in the event.  I sent an email over the weekend to the past president of the Down Syndrome Association of Central Ohio to request newsletters and information because her name was given to me from friend as a resource.  Will wonders ever cease, but when we stopped at the information booth, there she was!!!  I introduced myself to her and she was so thrilled for us, and wanted to have coffee soon.  We didn't get to talk much, but there is the promise of conversations to come.  The  RR/Down Syndrome network embraces anyone into the fold with open arms, willing to assist on any level.  We are forever grateful for the day our eyes were opened, because this journey has had so many rewards:)

For Addy and Austin, one of their favorite moments was meeting Bridget and Alina, from Living in the Light.  They've been reading their blogs and watching their montages since we begun our journey to Sarah.    All throughout the walk, our kids and friends were sharing how next year we'll be walking with the newest member of our family!!  We can hardly wait:)  What a great, fulfilling day!! 

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