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Friday, October 8, 2010

An Amazing Husband and Father

     I am blessed to have married a man with a passion for making a difference.  He is all about the great outdoors, and wants to pass this love on.  A few years ago, he and his father joined a kayaking group that kayaked for pleasure, along with teaching families, children, and other adults the love of kayaking.  Before our children were born, he and I took a trip to Maine.  I briefly mentioned that I'd like to kayak.  The next thing I know, we set out on a 3 day kayaking trip(overnight) camping on an island.  We kayaked across the ocean, with all our gear packed inside a double kayak. (Did I mention that I've never gone kayaking before!!)  On the LONG paddle back, our guides got lost and paddled a couple miles past our pickup point.  I broke out into an all-out panic attack on the ocean, trying to get out of the kayak. (Did I mention my claustrophobic issues?!!)  Needless to say, I've never stepped inside a kayak again.
       He loves the mountains, and we've never been to Colorado.  So, for our tenth anniversary, he planned a 10 day trip out west.  What beautiful country in southwest Colorado!!  But, we found out driving through the mountains, I cannot handle looking out over the cliffs.  During a 2 hour drive and no stopping places, I went into a full-out panic attack!! (Anyone seeing a pattern, yet!!!) I yelled for him to stop the car, jumped out, and began hyper-ventilating over the side of the mountain.  That's irony for you!!  One day, he rented a jeep to go off road high up in the mountains, and I went to the spa!!!:)He, also wanted to make a difference and joined a Regional Search and Rescue team.  He has gone out on searches, volunteered at races, and family events to promote healthy, safe living.  And this year, he is volunteering to be a cub scout leader for Austin's group.                                                     

   Lastly, he will camp out in the back yard and take his children on a Back-To-School Camp-out every year.  Soon, he will be sharing his love for the outdoors with another little princess.
He is AMAZING!!!

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  1. With his spirit for adventure he'll be the perfect partner when you go to Sarah's country to get her!!!