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Friday, October 15, 2010

Small Acts of Kindness

The value of kindness cannot be measured in human terms.  An act of kindness enriches the heart of both the giver and and the receiver. 

Br. Arockiam

     There was no school today, so I made plans to head downtown to retrieve a few documents for our dossier, then begin Christmas shopping at the outlets.  Driving in the city is not one of my gifts, so I planned accordingly.  Andy programmed the GPS with my two destinations, and printed off hard copies from mapquest.  The kids were going with me, so we packed the car with snacks, water bottles, and electronics.

      This was my inaugural drive with the gps unit, and it worked magnificently.  I found the building, along with a parking lot.  As we were walking, a security guard asked me if we were there to get some documents.  When he found out my purpose, he informed me of spots that were free and their location.  (I was unaware that I was in a "paying" parking lot!)  So, the kids and I got into the car again, backed out, and the security guard was standing in the free parking spot, saving it for me!!!  Thanking him profusely as we walked into the building, he replied, "I'm only helping people out by saving them some money!" 

      He made a difference today.  It may have been small act to him.  To me, out of her comfort zone, it made a difference.  As I was getting a receipt, the cashier informed me that we shared the same birthdate, different year:)   I, then,  shared our adoption plans with her.  We both left that small moment, smiling.  It's those small moments that make our days lighter, happier, and feeling there is good in the world.  Today, two people made a difference in my life.  Today, the sun shined brighter.

P.S.  Christmas shopping went well, and I'm halfway finished on my extended family!!!

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  1. Glad to hear that your trip downtown went well! The small things make such a big difference :).