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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Make A Difference Day 2010

Celebrating National Make a Difference Day, Addy's Girl Scout troop participated in the Connections Delaware County Volunteer Center's service day.  We received our assignments, (plus a yummy breakfast:), and drove to two homes where we raked leaves.  Five kids and four adults stuffed 40+ bags of leaves in three hours:)  The girls were tired, as were the moms, but the lesson of community service, making a difference, and giving back will live on. 

What difference will you make in someone's life today?


  1. I love getting the kids involved in community service projects. Thanks for the reminder and the challenge question at the end of your post!

  2. Hi Shelly!!!
    Please feel free to use my post on Sofia's blog for reference :) Hoping all is VERY well with you all! Looking forward to you bringing Sarah home soon!!!!