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Thursday, October 28, 2010


When you throw a pebble into the ocean, ripples stretch far and wide.  We may never see the effect our ripples have, but sometimes we learn how our "stone's throw" made a difference.  

Jen S, the west point of my "compass", has been an advocate for Down syndrome awareness, and more recently Reece's Rainbow and orphans with special needs.  She wrote from her heart trying to find Sasha a forever family.  He'll soon be in the arms of someone who loves him!!  Another family read about the Sanchez's adoption of precious Sofia, and took a leap of their own.  They're traveling to bring Liam home, asked Jen some medical questions, and she writes how she was used in amazing ways to find answers for this family.  Sofia's story touched the lives of two girls and another small group of young ladies seeking to make a difference in the world.

Sarah and Shawn B learned of how their ripple made a difference Here.  Sarah, the eastern point, is a teacher and shares how adopting Zoya was their first choice.  She, too, advocated for Sasha, and is elated for his forever family.

Kristen, my southern point, shares of how she and her husband are indeed, Acting Their Age, by adopting adorable Nadia.  She recently met up with some friends to celebrate the changes in their children, once home with their families, Blossoms in the Fall.

Lisa P. , the true North, shares her story of Common Threads.  Her advocacy for her daughters, adoption, Reece's Rainbow, orphans, and Down syndrome is having far-reaching effects as she shares Love and Light daily.  She advocated for Sofia, Jen's daughter and sought a family for Nadine, who was named Nadia and adopted into Kristen's family. 

Elizabeth, from Confessions of the Chromosomally Enhanced, reflects on her adult sister Leanne, and her daughter Josie.  Both chromosomally enhanced:)  Her comical and humorous posts show that excitement and joy surrounds the homes of the Chromosomally Enhanced.  She shares love and gratitude from the "lens" of a mother and sister.

The ripples these women have made reach far and wide, touch lives near and far.  Some ripples they have learned about, and others are unknown.  All these women continue to write from the mountaintops championing their cause: recognizing the potential of children with Down syndrome and finding homes for orphans.  Ripples are happening.  They are making a difference.

I count myself blessed to be in their circle of friends, and am filled with gratitude that our family is one of their "ripples".  Because of them, another orphan's life has been saved.

Seize the day

Seek opportunities to do good

Change someone's life:)


  1. I'm thrilled that the ripples reached you and your family so that we could all be a part of this "sisterhood" of adoption and Ds!

  2. I too love how we are all connected and that our little circle will continue to grow and expand and reach. Cannot wait for Sarah to be in your arms!

  3. It is so neat to see how far the ripples travel and who they touch. We are all so very blessed!