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Monday, October 18, 2010

Just in Time...

    When the news hit that Anya had gone to her forever home, all I could think about was Sarah.  What is she thinking tonight? How is she doing?  Does she have any medical issues no one knows about?  Feeling the need to do something, I went through our dossier notebook, looking for something to do.  We're at the point when we have to put our faith in someone else to get their part of our process finished.  But, I also realized that we can't travel until the spring and need to have faith that she will be okay until then.  So, all my pacing, perusing the paperwork, checking off, was only busy work to keep my mind occupied.

    Sunday, I heard a statement that put my heart at ease.  "When our time is come to travel, our needs (paperwork) will be met.  No sooner, no less.  Just in time..."  We know in our hearts that we are to bring Sarah home.  When it is the perfect time for us to travel, our paperwork needs will be met.  No sooner, but when it's time.  We have to become vulnerable to put complete faith in others.  It's not easy, nor comfortable.  But, I need to hold fast to that truth...we'll see her JUST IN TIME!

For now, we celebrate daily those who've made a difference in our lives and how we can make a difference for others. 

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