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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Social Butterfly

We've been busy these last few days.  I am changing grade levels and moving to a new building, so I spent the last two mornings packing up my classroom.  Miss Sarah joined me, and felt the need to socialize.  She walked into my friend Patty's room, found her rocking chair and a book, and "persuaded" a friend to read to her.  Readers are Leaders, I always say:)
Yesterday, the humidifiers were removed after having them blowing 24/7 for two weeks.  In her inquisitive nature, she stepped in front of the noise and learned they blew her piggies upward.

Sarah mimics everything she sees.  When we got ready to get in the car the first time, she saw how I carried my purse, found Addy's, and it is now a staple everytime we leave.  She even carries it on her arm like I do:)  Such the Diva!
No Fear!
She runs with reckless abandonment into every adventure.  Acts first, and thinks later.  When there is an audience,  Sarah puts on a show for all who will look.  While playing outside with our neighbors she watched the Big Kids ride on their scooters and needed to try it herself. And did not want any assistance, whatsoever. (I see many trips to Urgent Care in my future:)

She's living life to the fullest, and we are blessed to have front row seats on this wild ride!


  1. It is SO amazing to see how she embraces life!! she will keep you on your toes!!! congrats!!!

  2. I love it! It makes you realize all the little things we take for granted and think they are so routine, until you get to watch her enjoy life like she has never known! Everything is new and fabulous to her! what a miracle!

  3. I think your whole neighborhood will be entertained this summer :)! Sarah and Alina may be related...we've got the same sense of adventure and fearlessness over here! I can't wait to see the two of them together....Bridget will supervise :).

  4. love this. BIG love.
    and i really love lisa's comment above too, about bridget!
    that's it, i'm moving to ohio!!

  5. What a wonderful post! While many children would be fretting over all the BIG changes, beautiful Sarah takes the bull by the horns and enjoys every minute! I'm so happy for you and for her :o)