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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hello, Summer

Taken on my new phone:)
Hello, Summer. 
I love the summer, staying up late lost in a good book.  Not the kind that make me a better person, learn something new, or about someone's life, because I do love reading those genres.  But, a good fiction novel where I'm sucked into reading page after page until the wee hours of the morning.  I'm thankful the new little one has learned to sleep in as well.
 We celebrated the first day of summer with a pool trip in between storms, and our friends arrived to play.  The boys took off playing "Catch the Torpedo", and the girls went off into their "pretend" games that most always involve cats or dogs.

Sarah loves the water, while belly-flopping, playing in the fountains, or rolling around. 

Our family laughs daily, and seeks adventure in the least likely places.
Are we having fun yet?  We had some errands to run, but even a trip to Wal-Mart can find hidden gems, such as scented nail polish that every tween needs to have.

Austin finds his adventurous side in the Rec Room, rockin with his paper jams.

Sarah finds her adventure by taking things and finding new homes for them, or leaving them all throughout the house.  We're working on picking up her toys:(

She's one of us, and it feels like she has always been part of our family. 

Our family is that, a family.  We're learning it may take us longer to get out of the house, and we may forget an item.  But, there's always Wal-Mart or Target around the corner.   We are always on bike rides, walks, pool trips, or any other adventure we can find.  And if you stop by, and please do, you'll be stepping over mounds of shoes, and our space will be splattered with toys and books, and the library is still not fixed from the spring roof leak. 

How do you welcome summer?

Gilfriend needs to catch some ZZZZ's.


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