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Friday, June 17, 2011


 The Love of a Family is life's greatest blessings.

After school is out for the summer, I always make my way to our hometown for a few days.  We combined a graduation party, along with a few days at my parents' so my sister's family could meet Sarah.  Sunday morning, Sarah woke up with a low-grade fever, and while "no biggee", our family is still in the "it's new for you" mentality with her.  Scrambling through the house and gathering last-minute items to pack, I was frantically looking for my wedding ring and watch.  It was no where to be found, and I wouldn't be back until Thursday, but one word came to our minds....SARAH!!

While not on her "A" game, she met her great-grandparents and made peace with Henry, the dog.  The kids explored nooks and crannies in the house, while piling on each other on chairs.

 A family, life's blessing.

The weather cooled off the next few days, and we set up card tables on the deck, playing cards, dominoes, frisbee, and tag games outdoors during the day.  Still not feeling great, she was a trooper and allowed herself to bask in the glory of her cousins, aunt and uncle, and grandparents.  For two days, we played outside, swinging on the porch swing.    I enjoyed seeing the big kids, loving on my little kids.

My oldest nephew, Ethan's shoes next to Sarah's.  Oldest to youngest.  Men's size 14 to toddler 7.
By Wednesday, she was being her curious, inquisitive self.  Opening cabinets, eating more, and playing.  And then we came home Thursday.  I knew I had a gigantic job, tearing through the house looking for my jewelry.  Andy had gone through the garbage Sunday evening, piece by piece, and nothing.  We'd already caught her throwing items in the toilets earlier, let alone the trash.

After lunch and she was down for a nap, the kids were playing in their rooms.  "Mom, I think I found your watch," Addy yelled.  Then, she dug further in the bin in her room and, lo and behold was my WEDDING RING!  Addy received a handsome reward!!

Toddler Tip:  All valuables must be higher than the height of said toddler!!! I won't be laying my jewelry on my dresser anymore!!!
Celebration:  She is finally able to drink with a straw in a juicebox.  Yeah, Sarah!

Does she know she is loved?   Absolutely! 

A family, life's greatest blessings.
Celebrate your family this Father's Day Weekend.
It's Parents' Day for us.
All of us together.

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