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Friday, June 10, 2011


Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, and drink the wild air...
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Living in the Sunshine...
Sarah brings us so much sunshine daily, that she must wear shades indoors.  This afternoon, I was playing a matching game with her and the kids, when she put on these glasses.  She continually wore them for the next half hour, even though they kept breaking.   We all were laughing as she would look up at us with serious face.

Then, she found her pair of pink shades and wore them on her head like Mama.
Swimming in the "Sea" (a.k.a the pool)

She LOVES the water!!  I've enjoyed watching her make her way down the row of "Mama" chairs, looking at the snacks they are eating.  She'll plop down in a empty chair, say a few words, and off to the next adventure.

Drinking in the wild air...
For Parents Day (Mother and Father's Day), Andy found a single bike trailer for us.  We went for our inaugural family bike ride this past week, and once she saw the kids had helmets, she wanted one.  It will need "tweaking", but it will do.  

She "tuned" up once inside the trailer, but by the end she was enjoying the ride.

Add some chalk and her own scooter, and this child is moving at full speed into the summer!
I've received many questions about her adjustment, so I wanted to share our experience with others.

1.  We are frequently asked if the language difference is a barrier?
Sarah understands what we are saying.  She nods her head, answers No or Yes, and uses motions to make her needs known.  We are working on sign language, but she communicates very well.  

2.  How has she adjusted?  
AMAZING!  The first week we were home, there were many errands and places to go. She was ready to get in the car, strapped in her seat, and met every new place with gusto.  She loves riding in the car and in the stroller.  She's not too picky with food, but we need to get a booster seat to keep her sitting at the table:)

At first, she would only drink from an open cup and couldn't figure out how to work a sippy cup or straw.  She is now drinking from both a sippy cup and a straw.  She uses regular utensils and  LOVES all snacks, but not much fresh fruit, yet.

3.  Sleep
We've moved her into her own room, with a cd of lullabyes playing continuously throughout the night.  She sleeps from 8:30ish until 6:30am.  If I bring her down at 6:30, she'll sleep another hour.  She takes a nap around 12:30ish for 1 1/2 hours and may fall asleep on the couch late afternoon for another quick nap. 

All right, so maybe she decides to take a quick nap on the floor!!  In this 90 degree heat, it might be the coolest place!!!


  1. I really do not think little girls can get any cuter!! Love those star shades!!! I am so happy that she is adjusting and learning so quickly! Smart girl!

  2. reading up on miss chunky monkey and her siblings is the highlight of my day!!
    i'm so excited her transition has been so easy for you all!

  3. LOVE the pics!!! can you believe this is her life now! Amazing! Almost as amazing as those shades! LOL