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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Let the Summer Games Begin

Today was the last day of school.

It's an Amazing place where our kids attend.  Where each child is celebrated for who they are and the stories they share.  Their teachers embraced Addy and Austin, loved them, and celebrated with us when Sarah came home.  Our children are loved in this magical place, and as a mama, that's what matters most.

Even Sarah got in on the action.
And Sarah is making her place in a new Crayon Box.  A place where she will attend school with her brother and sister.  Where she is already celebrated for her miraculous journey home.

 A place where she is hugged, loved, and cherished.

 She does not discriminate.  She hugs all who hold their arms out and those who need a little encouragement.
  Where teachers, parents, and students recognize her for the rock star she has become.

We are grateful for this school, the teachers, the staff, and the loving environment that surrounds each person who walks into the halls.  Thank You!
When I am asked questions about adoption and Down syndrome in Eastern Europe, it's difficult to share the culture and norms regarding children with special needs.  Andy was questioned repeatedly the last few days he was over there about why Sarah, and not one of the other "healthier" children.  In fact, a caretaker told him to come back next year for a specific child by name.

My friend, Kecia, is over in the same country now, finishing the process on her little girl.  We became friends through blogging and email, but met in the capital for three hours over dinner.  We shared experiences thus far in the process, but we shared a common goal: a love for a little girl that was cast aside because of her diagnosis.  She writes about questions she was asked at church here about why she was adopting Mia.  It shows how our little girls are perceived by their country.

My little girl, with her abundant energy, her inquisitive nature, and love for adventure is copying her big brother and sister,
and living every moment to the fullest!


  1. She is so stinkin' cute!


  2. Happy Summer Archer Family!!!!

  3. Please forgive me for not commenting on your coming home posts! I am SO excited for you guys but have just been way behind on computer time!!! Sarah looks like she's 'always' been a part of your family!!

    Thank you again for being willing to bring one of the 'least of these' into your loving, wonderful family!!!

  4. Life looks picture perfect! Still cannot control the tears when i see Sarah in such a loving environment. :)

  5. She is so cute!!, it really doesn,t ever get old seeing her smiling face at home with a family!! Amazing!!! Isn,t it crazy how they feel about things over here? If only they knew the other side! We have loved sharing this journey with you.....maybe one day our girls can meet too!