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Monday, July 4, 2011

I'm an American

Growing up, this holiday meant a patriotic concert in the park, watching fireworks in our pajamas, and cookouts at my grandparents.  It was another Welcome, Summer holiday and another family event.  As I grew older, July 4th continued to have similar memories, but I appreciated the sacrifices of our armed forces, and get teary-eyed when we salute our veterans during the songs.

After spending over a month and a half in Ukraine, without our children, working to bring an abandoned child home to our family, this holiday has greater symbolism than ever before.
And when we gave Sarah an American flag to wave, it hit me.  She's an American.
She's been given opportunities, rights, and privileges here.

She's been given a family, who loves and embraces who she is.  Her inquisitive nature, and her orneriness.

She is able to go out in society, to parks, to church, and to Target.  She's not hidden away because she looks different.

She will be able to go to school alongside her sister and brother.

 And when we lit our sparklers and watched the fireworks from our patio, we are thankful that Sarah is an American, and living in the greatest land of all. 

I'm seeing everything through new eyes, and it's an Amazing Journey I'm Embracing.

Happy Birthday, America.


  1. I LOVE THIS POST!!!! You are so right in all that you said. She is FREE. And gorgeous! I LOVE her haircut! She fits right in with her brother and sister and one would never know she was not birthed into your family!!! She's precious. Your whole family is. Including YOU! :)

  2. You look beautiful in Red, White and Blue Sarah!!!! They're all yours!!!!