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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Road Trip

 Around this time of the summer, I get that feeling like I haven't done it all yet.  School will be starting soon and it will be time to get my teacher game face on.  So I want to pack as much as I can into this last month.  No regrets, no "I wish", just leavin caution to the wind.

Yesterday morning,  I received a text from Imogen around 8:45am as I was taking Sarah to her ENT appointment.  "My planning skills are in top form this morning...Would you be interested in going to The Works in Newark?  Around 9:45ish?"

Heck, yeah.  So I called her and we made plans to leave as soon as our appointment was over.  My text looked liked this when I pulled into our driveway..."I'm home. Give me 20 minutes..."
 Enough time to change clothes, pack some snacks, diaper bags, and tell Andy we're off!!  Don't know what time I'll be back.  I told the kids we were going on an adventure, and they kept guessing the entire way.  Until we rode into the city, "Mama, are we in Lima?"  "No, Baby.  But it looks like it."  A quick lunch, and then we walked into this perfect, hands-on museum for our kids.

We all stepped in front of the heat-seeking machine and could see ourselves on the tv.
Some exercise and physical fitness booths, along with a Wii Fit exhibit to "try" out.

A "tear apart" a computer place, complete with safety goggles and real tools.

But their most favorite place was the Farmer's Market and dress-up pretend place.

 I sat on the bench, listening to them weave their make-believe tales, and ad-libbing as they went along.  The magic of make-believe and pretend, the fairy-tale land.   A wonderful place for all ages.  I foresee us making more trips over there in the future.  (Fortune Telling is my next career:)
We're trying to stay cool in this "Can't believe how hot it is" week our country is in now.  Pool, library, and more inside adventures on the horizon. 

Happy Wednesday:)


  1. That little girl fits in so seamlessly in your life. She's absolutely adorable! As are all your kids. :)

  2. Could you dress that kid any cuter?! My goodness I tune in just to see what Sarah will be wearing!

  3. How fun! Hooray for spontaneous trips!

  4. You've inspired me to get my youngest to our local hands-on-museum. I used to do that kind of stuff all the time when all 3 of my olders were younger but I'm not always in the mind-frame with Nadia. Good reminder!