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Friday, July 8, 2011

Oops, She Did It Again

The youngest is getting blamed for much these days, and rightfully so.  She's hidden the remote, my book, along with other toys that we know about.  "Sarah had it" is the phrase often heard around the house.  My cousin posted on Facebook about her misplaced keys found in her son's toy schoolbus.  I topped her story by telling how Sarah hid my wedding ring and my watch in Addy's toybin.

Come bathtime, she begins her crying episodes because she knows bedtime is soon to come.  However, when she has played her heart out at the pool, belly-flopping back and forth, she's been known to fall asleep at dinner.
Tonight, we went for a walk after dinner.  Addy rode her bike, and Austin pushed Sarah (a mere few feet and then he got tired).

Once in the woods, Austin and I had some fun, while the others walked on.

 I love it when he'll reach for my hand to hold as we walk.  I took the picture with my camera and my mind to remember these moments.
 He loves cheesing it up for the cameras, with his two thumbs up.

Our latest "family" pastime is the playing of Angry Birds.  Yes, it's true.  Addicting:)
Next week will be more "Firsts" for Sarah.  Vacation Bible School, pediatrician appointment (we've gone to an adoption clinic thus far), and a hometown family cookout.

I will be working on my new computer.  This computer has been on life support since we were in Ukraine.  Last week, I thought it took its final breath, but Andy worked his engineer magic and had it working so I could check email, internet, and blog.  But, my new computer arrived today. 
I am so excited.
My dear friend, Jenni, came over brought me this topper.  She saw it and knew it was all about me.

It says it all, doesn't it?
Embrace Life,

Give Thanks,

Be Amazed.
Happy Weekend!

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