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Friday, July 22, 2011

This n That

    The heat of July has welcomed all the doctors' appointments needed to figure out Sarah.  Most were workups, but her ears caused us to visit an ENT twice, and will be back next month.  I was hopeful to get an accurate hearing test last week, but it didn't happen. She was so traumatized after working on her ears, that she would not react or allow anything near her ears.  She clung and sought comfort from her Mama.  So, we'll head back in August.  I know she hears well.  She's heard me call her name at the pool and when other background noise is present.  She hears me when I use a quiet voice.  But, we'll see what they get.
    Potty-training has been hit or miss.  When I would have a day indoors, we'd try going every half-hour or longer.  After sitting on the throne for quite a while and nothing, she'd get up, wash her hands, and then let it slide down her leg a mere minute or two later.  "I'll show you, Mama."   After a half-day of frustration for us both, I gave up and we'd try again in a few weeks.  Then, she saw her friends go at Bible School.  At home, she took off her diaper, sat on the potty, and went.  Cheers of elation were heard in this house.  If I would ask her go, she'd fuss.  But, if she heard me go, she'd raise her hands and cheer!!  Today, she initiated going to the potty once and cheered for herself.   She's going about once a day on the throne.  It won't be long:)
Andy is always the reliable and balanced one of our circle.  Me, I'm up, down, and all around.   I need it to feel the highs and lows.  When one emotion is raging, the others are dormant.  And the cycle continues.  I need that roller coaster ride to live all that life's to offer.  As the month of July winds down, I feel this emotion of anxiousness, panic, and I fret about the start of school.  Not because she won't thrive, or will miss me.  But, her school plan isn't set and won't be set until after I begin teaching.  The home visits and assessments take place the week I begin my school year.  There's no way around it, and we've figured some potential plan b's, knowing the plan b's will be wonderful, also.  Our school system is amazing, and I know she will blossom in her classroom, experiencing so many firsts.  So, I wait, squashing those emotions down that come barreling up from the depths every so often.  I know "this" will all work out.  It always has, but now I wait and enjoy every moment with our family.

A few sniffles, sore throats, and other summer colds have caused us to stay indoors and play during the heat wave.  We're on the mend, and I'm having a Big Sister day for Addy in tomorrow.  A girly movie and shopping, time for the two of us.  She's a wonderful big sister, and wanted some alone time today.  When I took Austin and Sarah to the library, she stayed home while Andy worked in the office and enjoyed her alone time.

Disclaimer:  Sarah has plenty of clothes, but pulls the same dress out of the laundry basket after I've washed it.  This morning, she had shorts and other clothes on underneath it.  The reason many pictures have this checked dress in them.

 Keep Smiling and Happy Weekend!


  1. Sara was meant for your family. She fits in so seamlessly, not that you don't already know this. Will be thinking of you and hoping your anxiety goes away. Everything will be fine, it always is :)

  2. She's probably not used to so many clothes choices. Maybe she's comfortable in the her 'favorite' outfit. Adorable as usual :)

  3. I don't always post, but I love following along on your adventure. So happy for you guys. Your family is precious!