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Monday, July 18, 2011

True North

From the the south, east, and west, my family followed their compass to my hometown this weekend, true north to my grandparents home for the annual summer event.
 Sarah walked up the sidewalk, inside the house, and swan-dived into my family who prayed for her these last ten months, anxiously awaiting for the moment she would join our circle.

Over 50 attended this summer event, and while others were unable to make it, their spirit was felt amongst us.  We ate delicious food, caught up on the family happenings, and watched the kids playing volleyball, corn-hole, and swimming in the kiddie pool.

 Sitting around the kiddie pool with my aunts, cousins, and grandmother, Sarah said,"Nana" for the first time.  And we all cheered in wide-eyed wonder.  In eight short weeks, my little girl is saying some words. 

Then, my aunt gave me a card from the entire clan for Sarah.  As I read the words, then passed it around to be read, all of us became teary-eyed.  They knew of our trek to bring her home.  The celebrations, the hurdles, and the trials.

           "Isn't it wonderful how one tiny girl can move right in and change your life forever?

She is changing lives, for anyone who learned of her story, and has watched her life unfold before our very eyes.  When she does something remarkable and I'm not around, her cheering section
 roots her on.  Celebrating new words, new firsts, celebrating Sarah.
She's teaching us all to stop, enjoy the moment, and spread love and joy all around.
"Isn't it wonderful how one tiny girl can move right in 
and change your life forever?" 

Filled with gratitude for my family...


  1. Well said my friend! Thanks for sharing your joy!

  2. This party looks like so much fun! Love Sarah's dress and the kids' coordinating outfits :-)

  3. How cool that everyone gets together once a year. Awesome! Looks like a lot of fun, and Sarah's enjoying every minute of it. :)

  4. I remember these pictures from the last big family gathering and looking forward to seeing Sarah in them! These photos warm my heart!