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Monday, July 11, 2011

A Beautiful World

One week every summer has been devoted to Vacation Bible School from the time I was a little girl.  When Andy and I began our family, the tradition continued.  Our family participates and I teach in a classroom.

After our first morning of VBS, I've got Tim Myers "A Beautiful World" playing in the background, and front row seats to watch my little girl's Beautiful World evolve before my very eyes. She blossomed and loved the first times she experienced today.

The theme is Visiting New York, and each child used glue sticks to make "windows" for the buildings in New York City.  Glue Sticks are a new commodity for Sarah, and she felt the urge to see how delicious they tasted:(

Sitting in the circle for Story Time.
Next was recreation and SNACK!!  This girl knows her snack and my friend created taxi cabs out of twinkies.  Absolutely Adorable!!!
Jodi spent a couple hours Sunday making 60 cabs.  Way to Go, Jodi!!

Of course, Ukraine most likely doesn't have twinkies, and it's typically not a staple on my grocery list, so another first for figuring out how to eat the twinkie.  She dipped her head and bit straight down the middle, covering her face in tootsie roll, twinkie cake, and frosting.
Sarah is not a quick eater, so she was still sitting at the table, while her friends were playing.
But, the craziness came when I tried to clean her up.  Our rotation time was over, and she ran around the room, clutching her twinkie for dear life.  They had these "play tunnels" in the room, so she whisked her twinkie inside to hide from me.  Picture a frantic 3 year old, grasping her twinkie, being pulled out of the tunnel by her legs.  My friends were enjoying the comic relief on my behalf!!

Next was the painting project.  Miss Patty demonstrated how they would be making Statue of Liberty hats, but we need to PAINT them green first.  So, Sarah put on her smock, dabbed some green paint on her brush, slid it on the hat, and proceeded to paint her tongue.  Surely, it must taste good?
Once she was finished, she put her hat on her head.  No problem, but the paint was still wet.  So, she had green streaks in her hair, and was not happy that I took her hat away to dry.

We had more gluing with a glue stick, more tasting.  Finally, the end was near so we got out play dough for the kids.  And more tasting by Sarah.  If you've counted, she tasted glue sticks, twinkies, paint, and playdough...all within a three hour window.  I'm excited for the possibilities tomorrow.

Seeing my little girl follow her friends in line, dance to the music, paint, glue, play, and SMILE...

what a beautiful world I see.

The possibilities are endless for her.

I found my friend, Amy's blog, while surfing last year.  I was drawn to the quotes on her sidebar, and began following her.  Her youngest has Down syndrome, she's crafty, and celebrates togetherness with her family.  Her family is adopting a little boy with Down syndrome from a different country than Sarah.  She's doing a giveaway with some fabulous Etsy prizes.  Check it out.
In dreams and in love, there are no impossibilities.
janos arany

A beautiful world, my friends...


  1. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy your regular posts. Thanks for sharing so much of your parenting journey. I so love when a new post pops up in my reader. And the photos say it all:-)