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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Farewell, My Friend

A Blue Heron in my backyard!!!

Farewell, my friend, July.  You're one of the longer months of the year, but you fly by as a super-sonic jet.  I will miss you and know it won't be long before the lazy, summer mornings will be over.  But, now, I revel in the time I have with my family.  So many first for my little girl in July.

I'm An American Celebration and Sparklers
 Vacation Bible School and Art with Miss Patty and Miss Brenda

Hometown Family Cookout

Grandma came into town for a few days.  As she was singing a song to Sarah, Sarah began singing along with her.  My mom would say, "Sarah sing."  And she would.  

This little girl is ready to learn all the world has to offer her.  This morning, Miss Patty said,  "Shelly, she's ready for school.  From where she began in Bible School to where she is now, is AMAZING what she will accomplish once she's in school."  And I've got her schooling figured out as much as I can until her evaluations with the school.  It's a place where she will blossom under the care of the same teacher who taught Austin.
Andy was gone all week for business, and we celebrated with a Saturday afternoon at the pool.  I was able to capture these moments, watching Sarah walk as far as she could up to her mouth before turning around.  Addy and Austin, diving for treasure.  All of us together.

A special shout-out to my Uncle Doug.  This week, he was rushed to the hospital amidst a heart attack, is home, and celebrating his family, their love, and their faith.
My new space.  
We had a library in our front room, the one that had roof damage in the spring.  We had a couple of computers, one for the kids and one for me.  However, Miss Sarah would sit on the chair and play with the keyboard.  And so, Andy created a space in my bedroom, away from the noise and little fingers.
What a change two months with a family can make.

Farewell, July.  What wonders will August bring forth?


  1. Ialways feel a little blue when July is over too. I think I've finally come to realize it's my favorite month.
    Sarah looks just amazing! i still can't get over how easily she just fell into life with her family. It's like she always knew you. Maybe that's some secret gift from God. it's beautiful to see.

  2. LOVING seeing her transform. It is so miraculous! Sweet little "Jessie" that I adored from her picture is a BEAUTIFUL daughter of her perfect forever family! Such a miracle. Thanks for sharing!! Blessings. And kiss her for me, would ya? Those cheeks look irresistible!

  3. Just in love with her smile, which she seems to have an endless amount of :) Fairwell to July, it is one of my favorite months of the year as well

  4. So long July and good riddance! hahaha Except for the lazy summer mornings...I'll definitely miss that part too! My true friend, Fall, is on its way and I get excited just thinking about it. :)

    Sarah is blossoming so quickly! What a joy to see her facial expressions and to read all that she is doing and learning!