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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


It was Tuesday morning and I slept in.  And, oh how good that felt.  Since Sarah has her field trip, we choose to stay home in the mornings.  Knowing we could laze around is a treasure to enjoy.

A leisurely stroll to McDonald's for crepes and coffee, amidst the trickling raindrops, and it was a good morning.

This Tuesday celebrates Austin.  Happy Birthday!  My soon-to-be middle child.  Whose eyes sparkle with mischief, a smile that lights up his face, and excitement shining through every adventure.  He anticipates our "Date Weekends".  Times for the two of us to watch movies, paint, and have fun.

Happy Birthday, Austin.  Happy Being 7!  We love and miss you:)

Yesterday, we walked down to the Black Sea before our visit. 

 Down below is a swanky hotel, with a playground, and fishing pier.  Jazz music was playing as the guests were enjoying the scenery.

But, then I looked up at the home sitting on the hill.  In its overcast sky, with the sun peeking out of the clouds, it was a structure standing alone, but firm.
It did not build itself, but took a village of workers of all skills and abilities.  It's structure is firm and will weather all the storms that are thrown at it. 

I've felt like that house.  While we may be "alone" on our hill over here, I know a "village" of individuals are lifting us up, through emails, phone calls, and messages.  Even today, I opened my email to a message from a friend, that surprised us both.  We feel the "village" over here and our foundation is strong.

And then, it was time to walk up the hill and back to orphanage. 

Sunday morning, I was sitting on a bench when Andy motioned for Sarah to come over to his bag.
He pulled out a box and had Sarah bring it over to me.

Two days before we left, Andy found an angel charm and made a rope chain for my Mother's Day present.  Even Sarah was interested in the bling for a while, but the box kept her attention for the rest of the visit.

Ever since we gave the groupa the video of the field trip, they love having Andy and his camera around.  Not once have they told us to not take pictures.  On the way back in, all the kids got in this play pen.  The caretaker began chanting a song, and the kids were jumping up and down.  Making as much noise as they could.

And then we saw this...

A boy, holding my daughter's hand, bringing her into the fold.  She's one of them, and she will make a place for herself wherever she will be.   

And my heart filled with joy.


  1. You are definitely not alone! There are many of us who have gone before you who know that the other side is SO worth the waiting and wondering so we will continue to encourage you and pray for you!!!

    Beautiful angel pendant! Tell Andy he did himself proud!

    Also, Happy Birthday to Austin! Not only will he be the middle child but he'll finally get to be older than someone in the family too! My youngest (before Nadia) was very excited about that fact!

  2. Praying you are all home soon soon soon!

  3. omg!! Andy is SO good!! What a great surprise! Lots of points for that :)
    Praying for good news soon! a new Archer in the family, love that they are so open to you guys being part of their activites and taking pics.
    you are SO close!! All that walking is SO good for you. Funny how while there you walk everywhere and think nothing of it, but at home you take the car to go around the corner!! In a way it is really nice to be foreced to relax.
    Happy birthday to Austin too! Big boy 7! :)