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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I knew...

This past summer when I read blog after blog about adoption and Down syndrome, I remember the mamas who "knew" before they were born.  The mamas who had dreams and feelings that their child would be special. 

I, too, had a feeling these past few days.  In fact, I was already crafting the words in my mind to share with you that our court date was postponed or canceled.  So when the phone rang during our morning visit with Sarah, I was not surprised.  And then I saw Andy walk away as he talked, and I heard the words, "It doesn't seem like it should be this hard," and I knew our court appointment was not to be.

I am dealing with this setback better than he is.  In his mind of mathematical formulas, processes, equations, and problem-solving, when information is given, it is accurate and followed.  That is not the case in this country.   Even our translator and lawyer do not understand why our case, specifically, is not moving faster than it is.  There isn't anything in Sarah's nor our paperwork that should be causing delays. 

So, I'm looking for some good today and here's what I found:

*My friend, Marianne, sent me an orphan link from an Eastern Europe website.  It was Sarah's baby picture, the one in her SDA file, the one I wasn't allowed to get yet.

Baby Picture
"One" Year

"Two" Year

Three Years

Yes, I'm thrilled to have pictures of my baby girl from every stage of her life.

**After music class, Sarah walked straight to us instead of being cautious.  She throws her arms around me for a giant squeezable hug.  I never know when she "feels" the urge to hug, but I'm happy to be on the receiving end, just the same.

***We've come to recognize and wave at a few other families, waiting on their court dates.  Surprise is registered when they learn we are from the U.S.  Everyone else is from the City by the Sea.  We're all there for the same bring someone home to our families to love.

***If there ever was a saying about "Muffin Tops" in shoes, Sarah would be the model.  In her locker were a pair of white shoes half the size she wears, so I motioned too small.  They gave me these and she wore them for one day before another pair appeared in her cubby.

****The produce is super fresh and I've been making tomato, mozzarella, cucumber salads marinating in balsamic.  Delicious.

*****  The Sound of Music is my all-time favorite musical, and I watched it annually growing up.  Do you remember the scene where Julie Andrews has resigned to being the governess?  Where she sings, "I Have Confidence In Me" as she walks to their house.
The street she kicks up her heals?
I was trying to make Andy laugh this evening, so I began singing this song, kicking my heals, on the orphanage street, while waiting for our taxi.
Similar views, don't you think? (Minus the cars:)  Can you picture me with my red bag, skipping along, all the while belting out "I have confidence in springtime!"
He wasn't amused:(

Here's the only youtube video short clip of the song with help:(
But, you can see the street I'm talking about.

Off to finish my tiramisu from yesterday.

Another day shines with hope for tomorrow!  My glass is Half-Full, baby...


  1. God's time is a mystery... Hang in there!! Praying for a well judge, or a different one soon!!

  2. She is just precious! So happy for you guys.

  3. Love to see the pictures from the different stages of her life! She's gorgeous!! Sorry this is taking longer than anticipated, but just remember that she is so very, very worth the wait. :)

  4. hahahaha I can just see you clicking your heels and singing to Andy. That happens to be Josi's favorite movie and so whenever we have a girls' night we have to watch SOM!

    Sarah's baby picture is adorable!!!

  5. Happy for your attitude, but, BOO on all the delays! I'm feeling frustrated FOR you! :)

  6. I was so sad to read your court was moved! You guys seem to have a great attitude about everything! I LOVE that baby pic of her! So precious! praying that things start moving quickly for you!

  7. UGH. Nothing like having to be stuck there longer than you planned. I'm so sorry for your delays. Here's to some good news soon! And that little Sarah is so sweet! It won't be long and you'll all be sleeping in your comfy beds at home. Hang in there!