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Friday, May 20, 2011

Home Sweet Home

After traveling for 29 hours, I arrived home around 11pm EST Tuesday evening.  The trip was uneventful until Washington D.C.  All flights were grounded for over two hours due to thunderstorms and lightning.  What was to be a four hour layover, doubled by the time I left.  Once I walked through security, Addy and Austin were waiting for me, and what a sight to behold.  All the while commenting, "We've never stayed up this late on a school night!"  Thankfully, my mother drove down earlier that evening and stayed for a couple days!

Wednesday evening, we had a belated birthday cake for Austin.  He had some difficulty blowing out all his candles in between his laughter.

Andy and I bought Eastern European hats for the kids and they look adorable!  Today was hat day at school and great timing!

My last day at the orphanage was emotional, which we all knew would be.  I used google translate to write a note to the caretakers in cyrillic.  They did not know Sarah would be going to America and the news spread through both groupas.  The caretaker from another room said,"Sarah, America?"  I said yes and she wrote down her email address for me to send her pictures.  I was even able to get a picture of Sarah and Elena, the one who put crackers in her pocket and always gave her a kiss.

 Wednesday, Austin found a leak in our library that turned into a "thing!"  Carpeting, roof, drywall, shutters, bookshelf:  all ruined.  I've had "guys" come to begin drying the inside and "band-aiding" the roof until Andy can come home and see what all is going on.  Another bump in this long road.

On the adoption front:  We are still unable to get any answers regarding finishing the process and the timeline.  No one is confirming the original timeline we've been given, nor when we can begin the final paperwork.

Our family needs to be together, all of us, all five.  We've waited long enough.

Please continue to pray for our process and that we'll be able to complete it soon. And that we'll all be home together.


  1. Oh Shelley, I can hear the 'ache' in your words of wanting Andy and Sarah to be back with you guys YESTERDAY!!! You are weary, emotional, and ALMOST at the end of this difficult part of adoption. As we are now almost at the 1yr. mark I look back on our time away last year as being such a blur. I know someday you will too! Hang in there!

  2. Just want you to know I'm thinking of you. It's got to be so, so difficult to be apart this long. Hang in there. The prize is just around the corner! Anya sends kisses your way!